A photo I’ve held close for a while. What say you all?

I went to Peru with my daughter in 2015. While in Cusco, we stayed at this cool little hotel. Around 6 in the morning there was music coming from the street. My daughter grabbed her phone and went to listen. About 6 months later I was going through my phone and found this picture. The photo is of the help at the front desk and the time was that morning my daughter went out with HER phone. I didn’t use my phone for any pictures as I had a canon camera and a GoPro.

For me, this picture helps me “normalize” all the crazy stuff in our world as it reminds me how BIG and expansive this Universe and the experiences truly are!


That is strange enough. At first I want to say that her phone was moving and the guy was moving at the same time and it was set at a slow shutter speed.

But there is just something about that picture that makes me give it a second thought. I am not sure.

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Definitely reptilian in appearance.

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Guess they’re everywhere :woman_shrugging:t2:

Really this so fake I don’t know where to begin.

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You can prove that?

No, he can’t disprove it Danny. I worked as an industrial photographer for a defense contractor while I was in the guard in Alaska. My guard job was guess what, the NCOIC of the still photo unit. I’m not saying that the guy is a reptilian, just that the photo doesn’t look altered. The shadow of his head has a sharp edge. If it was a slow shutter speed, the shadow would be blurry also. Maybe he’s a reptilian and just trying to blow smoke for his bros don’t ya know…

Sgt. Bill


I dont know I would beleive it was a camera snafu if someone said it , but I also know about the spirit world and that is definately real too…I have saw some obvious fakes, but that is not one., not obvious anyway

Looks like Mr Clean ta me…


what is odd is the upper one is bald while the lower one has hair

that starts the pic down a path of high speed photography and transformation
and gives photo a air of honesty

I dont see hair, but i wear glasses, so maybe im missing it…

Reminds me of that secret service agent that appeared to morph or his ear changed in the background of a live tv event…like Alien said, he was bald like mr clean.

Here it is


i’m a bit puzzled,
is the ‘help’ a bald person normally?
is the time of photo taken in phone data 6ish am?

  • the time in clock seems to b 1;30ish afternoon.
    were u at the counter at that time the day before or when checking or out etc. with phone in hand, snapping the shot unawares perhaps.
    and is this a screenshot of the errant photo on another device?
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Yes, good questions for more clarification imo. Especially regarding the time on the clock that is in the background of the picture. :thinking:

Professor X.

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interesting for sure, he has a darker shadow outline at his back area… definately is bizarre… and well kinda creepy …

Not sure of what shadow you are referring to. In my professional opinion(retoucher and photographer since 1994) this is either slow shutter speed or a composite. The table in the foreground has zero relation to the “hero” in the image and is also blurry. Not to mention the moire pattern from taking a photo of his monitor or TV. This could even be him taking a photo from a TV show. Does that look like a help desk?


I’m thinking multiple exposures in the same frame, but hey , you never know , there could very well have been another entity occupying the same space as the individual you were talking to, or something along the lines of parallel realities coming into view at the same moment in time. Parallel shift possibly. Interesting , as it happened in Peru , in Cuzco , a mystical place. I know , I have been there , as well as to Machu Picchu. Very COOL places. I was there in March of 1981. I hope you had a very great and interesting experience. Take Care


If what you are saying is true, then you would know and understand that this effect is the result of a slower shutter speed because of the poor light in which this photo was taken. Basic stuff. Nothing strange about this at all.

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