A photo I’ve held close for a while. What say you all?

I’m thinking the desk is low , what we are seeing is counter space running higher than the help desk , as the hero or subject has his arms, hands on the lower desk that we can’t see because of the counter space. I’m thinking…

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I took a selfie and to my surprise I realized I’m a shapeshifting lizard :lizard: man…I guess I’m an alien and I didn’t even know it :flushed::flying_saucer:


There are other intelligent beings walking and living amongst humanity here on Earth. People may have trouble accepting this reality , but this is FACT. US Intelligence agencies and Russian Intelligence agencies have separately confirmed this FACT. So could some of these beings be in the employment of these governments , one would think this is entirely plausible.


Many cone heads in that region.

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I can and do promise that this photo “appeared” on my phone. I’ve zero motivation to speak anything but the truth. My daughter is “angelic” and a very wise friend said the entity could not hold their form around her. Maybe that explains a bit, I’m not sure. I am sure this a organic photo with zero effects. I’ve had this for 5 year and have only shown a few. Those with the eyes to see. I offer here on DiscloseTV as there are many here that see as well…and there are those who can’t.

So, that’s my story and truth and try as anyone may, I’m sticking to it.

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Thanks and welcome Frenchi.

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More info on those pics would help


Didnt mean for my first reply to sound like i was making fun…

I like this stuff, please don’t hesitate to share more :grinning::+1:t2:

And …

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So, paranormal things happen in Peru. :upside_down_face:


I was gonna joke that , oh, look, a shopping cart that has wheels that work lol

Bit it turns, stops, gets unstuck and moves some more, thats weird!

ya the front shadow has a hairline on front of head the other looks bald?

“they are right under our noses”


Nah, thats the overlap

The squiggly lines make it look like a pic taken of a tv or computer monitor.


Looks like a Thern to me!

It is Peru, I would imagine the Therns keep a very close eye on it. If your daughter is a pure Angelic being and them showing interest in her would make sense. They keep tabs on pure souls, try to lead them astray. That is their purpose here.

The 1:30 clock on the other hand?

I caught some interesting stuff one time while crawling around in ancient Phoenician/Roman tunnels with no flash light and only a phone.

This is a picture taken with a the shutter open longer than normal. This is not a reptilian.

Or a pic of the screen of the phone that has the pic in question?

Only @Zippss can answer that one

nightmare on elm street Right There!!! … :beers: