A Romanian invention can save the planet!


Now if we could get some of our governments to actually look at this technology, right, it would interfere with the oil industry.


Not really, waste has to become something or else… See WALL-E :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wonderful idea. My only question is human waste with all of the medicines, (Prozac etc) how can they guarantee it’s removed before I put this charcoal in my garden?. Does it burn off?, because of septic waste, the fish are all on medication​:fish::tropical_fish:it’s even in some drinking water.

The high temperature burn is the answer. As for the water has memory and in time it resets to what was before… it’s a slow process but works… all fish have residues… even the farm ones have antibiotics… like any other farm animals… vegetables, organic ones , are contaminated from chemtrails… no more clean food or water… sad but this is the nowadays reality… Let’s prey for zero point energy to be made public faster or soon we’ll do mass harakiri

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The planet doesn’t need saving. However, the human race is a different issue.

Planet=world is just wording. We all know what is about! Waste and how to get rid of it . With profits the best!

Well said. Thanks for the post.

Ok, gotcha. I think it will be soon. (who knows exactly but can not be soon enough.) This is meant to help man kind start to live like we are meant to.:heart: