A sign of more to come?

Houston, Tx.
Over 100 nurses who were threatened with termination unless they took the covid jab required by their employer at a local hospital filed suit against the hospital which was quickly shut down by a judge who presided over the case.

Here is what was scary about this: The judge lied about details regarding the jab. What’s even more scary is if our Supreme Court can ignore that the presidential election was a total fraud, who will stand up to these judges that rule in favor of mandated vaccines?
If you agree that this wrong then contact your congressman and let them know.


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The cancer has spread too far, it’s incurable.


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Am sending positive thoughts to you and yours, C is a traumatic time and I wish you both well.


Justice should be served and equal to all… Perhaps Judge Lynn Hughes can be forced to take multiple vaccinations with experimental drugs to maintain his position as a Judge… With his ruling, he should relinquish his sovereignty over his own body in favor of his belief, in FDA Approved Vaccines…


The suit can go to a higher court, correct? That judge deserves to be whacked.

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Hell…already,the foo fighters played,but you had to prove you got the shot to get in…it’ll get worse😖

Over here in the UK, it’s been announced that all care home staff will now have to get the vaccine or lose their jobs.

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With proper representation it is easy to argue the need for vaccine at a job. One who doesn’t take the vaccine ,technically, is endangering themselves. The agreement to sign a waiver of liability against company who employ should clear all that up. Nobody seems to know this, but one needs a lawyer who’ll work with the client properly.

Nurses’ are part of unions. They need to use the union lawyer. They have to, they signed a contract that they can only use that lawyer in these cases. Don’t think they’re going to get that representation they need.

If parssports can be forged then once its known what a Jab certificate looks like, they should also be able to forge them, might be good enough to fool the bouncer on the door at a concert or football game.

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Really cool to see you back and posting up great topics and
information SF good one brother much respect. :pray:

It’s righteous job bringing info to us all it helps everyone see?

As for these judges all it does is confirm just how blatantly criminal the nwo
agendas are and that we are right to view these types in the systems such as law are totally corrupt cannot be trusted in any way at all
and are there to further the satanic nwo agendas every time.

They are ruthless brutal inhumane and easily willing to sacrifice any and all
to keep furthering the one world government agenda for the new world of order built upon the coming deaths
of millions of innocent peoples.

They have no problems murdering individuals that speak up every time or blackmail into submission and shutting them up.

We must realise how cold blooded these animals in human skin really are,
it’s no use seeing them in any other light but the true nature of there realities that don’t conform or align with ours at all.

This is the way of satans worshippers they believe there own lies and justifications
and will step on anyone and even the many for the sake of the ancient objective of a one world totalitarian satanic beast system.

i’m sorry but it true they’re evil to the core what else could they be they are
building a ww house of cards on mass death for some lying deceiving bs depop green agenda.

It has to be that way what else could it be nothing else but mass deaths on a ww scale.

Take care everyone im sorry im not preaching or nothing i truly wish it wasnt this way in life,
if you have even an inkling to get right with our father and son of man please do asap,
i firmly believe it’s the only antidote to satans machinations in our world please people,
only cos i care i say this. :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

You are all really good people,
you don’t realise how good you are because your brave & you speak up,
your awake and aware in your own ways,
when the rest are quite the obedient & good little slaves too afeared to say anything
let alone resist the evil happening right now in all of our lives all over this world sadly.

So thanks ok. :clap: :facepunch:

I’m proud to know you all my very brave friends and the people here on dtv yep :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


Internettrolling, Sarge.

This is not a left-right issue, but a freedom and human rights issue. If you want to inject a dangerous, non-FDA-approved substance into your body or not, is a choice for each person, after investigating the issue, openly and skeptically.

After listening to Senate hearings in Texas, where doctors are witnesses, I will not take any jab, still I respect if you do.

Not listening to Fox or these doctors, is also up to you. I respect that. I listen to all kind of people, because that is the only way not to get stuck in groupthink/sectarianism.

In my opinion, anyone forcing anyone, should be shot on the spot.


Wtf does that have to do with me welcoming a friend back to dtv? And wtf said i’d allow that shit in my body?


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In my world, comparing a person with what a cat or a fox drags in, is not a friendly welcome, and you did not comment on the subject, but on the person.