Adolf Hitler

This could potentially be a banned thread…but I cannot understand why it will be.

Adolf Hitler…What happened there?

Did the rumours inregard to Nazis and time travel happen?

Maybe he would see the ethnicity that is currently running the show?

And want to destroy it!

Just a thought…

Terrible terrible man however.

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Hold on, what now?

Hitler was a time traveler who went to the future saw that ze Jewz were running the show came back in time and helped them do it, by killing all the good ones, providing victimhood and nation status to the fake/bad ones and just happened to wipe out 20-40 million of their blood feud ancient kin, and dozens more millions of the undesirable goys?

Dunno man but not to long ago we touched on this matter and his Rothschilds and Royal family blood lines and grooming. Fascinating stuff!

Either way be he a time traveler or a patsy
that there hipster twat was artisinally prepared for the job, bespoke if you know what I mean. Ironic how Nazi everything from clothing, to hairstyles, to gestures, tactics, slogans , social ideals and psychological traits are on the rise amongst the very people screaming nazi at everyone - the regressive left, all while failing to look in the mirror or pick up a book.

The only thing I am waiting to see is who will be the first brave hipster leftist to sport the stash? We await with eager anticipation…


Good old book burning…

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keep this on the low

and for whatever is said
You didn’t hear it from me

Hitler Escaped
Spent His Final Days
Living down in ARGENTINA




its myths . when you go to germany you almost see no cultural aspects that would point out ufos or “timetravel” . only lederhosen and sauerkraut. the killings that happened at that time where real also. nothing that would remind you really of the secret enviorment people talking about. only beer drinking potatoes.

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You realize the winners of any war write the history right?


I have been watching a tv documentary series called Hunting Hitler. And it is very compelling that Hitler DID NOT commit suicide in Berlin. Along with many other nasties of the Nazi regime. Funny how events unfolding now are right out of the Nazi play book for global domination and racial hatred. And the search for a new and pure human race.


Watch Hunting Hitler.

It’s pretty obvious the truth is far from what you are told.




I shit you not a cpl days ago i had a MEXICAN teenager in my shop with the stash. Blew my fucking mind. I wish i had a pic but i can ss me telling the other guys that work for our other locations.

I truly believe he went to South America. I’ve got some stories. The one definitely cemented the idea was my first boss dad was hilter youth and he came to US as a kid.

They 100% went to South America.

I went to this place a couple of years ago.
It was insane,everyone dressed in typical German outfits,old German uniforms on.
German music on a loudspeaker playing.

The place has a gruesome history and had been run by Paul Shaffer…who was a prominent Naszi in the days.

Thats messed up, so we are already there.

I googled hipster hitler stash and its a thing (thanks Google :wink:). Was this the guy?

Let me introduce you to our PM Jizinder Ardern

No but damn i can’t believe there’s more than one lol

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina was another hot spot for the Nazis fleeing Germany. They even give tours apparently that walk you through the Nazi history.

Article showing SS commander Erich Priebke fled to Bariloche using papers issued by the Vatican.

Hitlers Argentina home for sale in 2011.

I’m convinced many of the top brass including Hitler made it out. There’s too much evidence in Argentina, Brazil and Columbia among others.

Ive been watching that series too.
I always suspected he got away.
I feel certain about it now.
They were working on nuclear weapons
too i rekon they had the bomb but never got to use it before the wars over.

The episode i watched last Monday made very clear how effective both the northern and southern escape routes worked and got top nazis to South America. Namely countries such has Argentina. Has for all the Nazi built infrastructure there and surrounding countries. That speaks volumes of the setting up of the fourth Reich. On a more sinister note is it this very group who are oulling the strings of global power? Think of the links many of the globalists elite had to the Nazi regime!

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