Adolf Hitler

The US elites and many other foreign elites played a major role in supporting Hitler’s bid for power and continued that support even during the war through various front companies. Mountains of US and European money helped Hitler develop Germany into the formidable opponent that they would become.

Rothschilds, Rockefeller, George H. Walker, Averell Harriman and numerous others all supported the SS. However the people most deeply embedded were the Dulles brothers, which we still have an airport named after and Prescott Bush.

How is it that any major event always has someone from the Bush family tied to it? Not in a “save the day” good way either. From Nazi ties, JFK assassination and business ventures with the BinLaden family, their name is always linked to something nefarious.


I heard about South American tale 20 years ago. Told my kid he sounded like hitler when he freaking screaming at his games when he is losing. It’s been quiet.

If everyone knew the truth would they actually do something?


the “allies” stole the nuclear bomb technology from germany and used it on japan.
the monsters are everywhere.

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He Fled To Antarctica, His Double Died in Bunker. Hitler Is Part Jewish.

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as for Hitler of course he went to Argentina or in that region and definately lived out the remainder of his life i never ever thought he died in the bunker in berlin even 30 years ago.

We are very welcome to discuss any tyrants like Hitler Mussolini etc etc so long as nobody starts with any stupidty that goes for any topic aye.
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I’m pretty new to here…and have alot of questions and points of view.

Not all are accurate…many are unexplainable.

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P.S. I love the series hunting hitler i found it mind blowing what that team uncovered like the u-boat they found and all the bunkers etc, great stuff isnt it?
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This would not surprise me at all even though they had Oppenheimer working on it too,
now boy was that guy one hell of a genius too.
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I watched another show recently about an Austrian archaelogist who uncovered hidden bunkers in Austria that had higher levels of radioactivity and was shut down by the gov there very promptly,
he was stopped from digging further they also found part of a circa 1940,s nuke reactor photon/neutron thingo in the dirt no joke i rekon they had the bomb even tested it once or twice according to some reports but never got to implement it because the end of the war.
If i can find the name i will post it.

Bingo bang on with this, the roots run deeper then countries borders and politics thats for sure, very perceptive post brother thanks for your input keep it up you provide us with great thoughts much appreciated.

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