AEROSPACE Worker Fired After Admitting: “I Installed Chemtrail Devices”

This has everything to do with the virus sprayed upon us, leading to toxicity in the food, toxicity in the waters (like water dug underground is red in india)…my thing is, is there a connection between this plandemic and the Spanish flu of 1800? I’m thinking yes, and when you add in the alien factor (time travel), things make more sense. I wonder if there were news articles of strange things seen in the skies around that time.


Now I think those are actuall condensation trails, however the spread out clouds, not so much.

Translation is…!

New world order plans for destruction and takeover!

In case you missed this pertinent news in mid-May, a retired aerospace worker came up and admitted that chemtrail devices are installed on airplanes (since he was one of the installers) and shares details of their installation .

We must be very concerned about this as it affects the health of our loved ones, our children, ourselves and society at large! It also has deleterious catastrophic effects on the environment, our food supplies, and more.

In his words from the video material below:

“We gutted the plane and installed the tanks. Installed the cables and pipes and sprayers. I was a civil servant supervised by the military. When we finished, we were told that this was a test carried out by the German aerospace authority. This means that the level with the spray devices advances while a second level with measuring devices flies behind and takes measurements. For example: “We just want to find out how the particles behave and spread.

“When we were finished with the installation, people from the military came by and told us to wear full body protective clothing and breathing masks because they would fill the tanks now. And that substances such as aluminum sulfides or barium oxides would contain highly toxic polymers with the size of nanoparticles. "

Then he adds: “We are approaching an ecological catastrophe! And those who don’t believe me, please come here and I’ll show you the proof! "

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For me feeling the effects manifests itself in… brain fog, inability to concentrate, pressure in the head, pukey anxious feeling, anxiety. Now how much of that is a direct reaction to the spraying or a psychosomatic response I do not know. Also I am subjected to other sadistic government sanctioned abuses. I think I also see a difference in people too, some more agitated, some more sedated, some on edge, oh so slight but enough to make a difference. Interesting how they started spraying us again before the election. Nothing to see here move along.

The purpose who knows, apparently it is laced with many tiny particles barium, aluminum who knows what else? Nano tech? As a mind control victim I have seen that they can dial up pretty much anyone. I find my self wondering how much of Gang Stalking and Mind Control is linked to this? From what I understand Remote Nueral Monitoring is satellite technology based. My mind control attack of 2016 was done at the exact time I was in communication with a user named Satellite who just happened to work for a US government contractor in satellite technology. The experience was reality shattering. Hard to stay positive after you know what soul rape is. If they do this on a mass scale… buckle up. All that Rapture stuff they have the capability to make you believe its actually happening. Considering their hatred of Christianity well it don’t look good. I will say this if you are truly aligned with good, benevolence, God if you want to call it that. It is your greatest asset in going to battle with these demons. Remain pure, shame them relentlessly. Guilt is key, guilt is one of the ways they can get in.

When you are a Target individual the goal is to never allow you a moment of peace. You are constantly notified you are under surveillance. Non stop kawinkydinks. While yes it is possible to have an army of stalkers out there. Lets be honest its a logistical nightmare, maybe not but lets suppose that it is. Having a populace you can dial in like a phone number and manipulate oh so slightly is far more practical. Now going to these lengths to manipulate a handful of TIs seems be extreme, there must be more to it.

What else is going on out there? My experience does point to the possibility that yes indeed we do live in a controlled reality, call it a simulation, a hunger games like “planet wide” experiment. One thing does appear to be a consistency through out our history - we are being messed with and manipulated mentally. Playing devil’s advocate here… could it be those chem trails are in our best interest? Surely that will be the official angle but is actually true? I doubt it.

We were doing just peachy in the 80s and prior. Just look a the nostalgia most feel for those simpler times. Life seemed more succulent back then, more genuine, I call it the taste of life. Something that has been mostly missing for me since the early 90s.



That’s what is said to me whenever I look up and comment on a noughts and crosses sky. (Tik tac toe?)

When wearing certain polarised glasses you can see the rainbow slick just sliding out of the sky and the haze of the sun behind it.

The first time they locked down with this scamdemic the sky’s returned to a beautiful blue because air craft were grounded which was nearly like the blue sky I used to enjoy in the 70s.

Thank you for translating for me. My God, what is next?
I did not see the fellow who installed these things on the news.

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In a documentary on the history channel, the Mrs and I watched a very well done doc on the spanish flu, i do recall them saying that it was the first H1N1, and the pictures of the suffering were like a nowaday cgi of how people bleed black from mouth nose eyes and ears

Was numbing to look at, i have since looked many times for that very doc, and cannot find it.

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Right before everyone eyes,They screwed you all…

Indeed all Humans are being messed…

No you are no mad,…at all, many things are chainging

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Just now, central Az.

5 minutes later

I’ll wait 15 to 30 minutes and these will be spread out similar to high cirrus clouds.
Stand by…


Wow😱… …

Due East of my house, overcast starting from chem trails


Looks like the same old contrails to me

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Cross in the middle, your go!

Spreading out even more…

Actually, contrails are water vapor that dissipate quickly. Chem trails don’t dissipate, but spread out. Today’s a beautiful sunny day, but in a couple hours it will be overcast with a grey tinge.

I spent 4 years in the Air Force, and saw plenty of ‘contrails’. What’s up there now is not contrails. Well, most of it anyway. An occasional regular airliner will go buy.
One other thing… these chem trailers are at a very high altitude.


Yup! Tic tac toe!

Contrails dissipate , chemtrails just smear the sky!

Contrails can last for quite some time as frozen droplets of water vapor.

If you compare your last picture with your first, they look pretty much the same cloud cover

Yep that’s them…
Like you I have an aviation background with my brother who is now flying 787s so have always had my eyes to the sky watching and therefore noticed thing change from a vapour trail that just disappeared a few miles behind the aircraft to these depressing slicks that are left behind .