Agencies investigating directed energy attacks near White House

Similar to the directed energy attacks that occurred in Havana which sickened many US diplomats. There’s now reports that there were directed energy attacks near the white house last November.

US investigating possible mysterious directed energy attack near White House - CNNPolitics

US Investigating ‘Havana Syndrome’ Directed Energy Attack Near White House (

This reminds me of the Navy yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 and wounded others, who claimed he had been continually attacked by directed energy weapons and E.L.F. (extremely low frequencies) waves. He had carved the phrase “My E.L.F. Weapon” on the stock of the shotgun before his murdering spree. Fortunately he was killed before he could inflict further damage but it makes me wonder if a person can be driven to do something like this using the technology.

Navy Yard Shooter Carved ‘BETTER OFF THIS WAY’ Into Shotgun - ABC News (

Of course, the mainstream media and top officials initially said the Navy shooter “ELF waves” and also “Havana Syndrome” was nothing more than conspiracy theories. However, we’re once again seeing that conspiracists are years ahead of the curve.


navy yard shooter was molested as a child
he was inside of the pedo drug smuggling and body parts for sale ring

its all the same ring of vampires

Maybe he knew what he was doing and wanted to get out?

That is exactly what happened

He wrote a song before they scrubbed the net of data

I downloaded it to my storage in arizona it was a dark dive into the mind of a broken person not a manchurian. He was part of control system

What was scary was his first person rant about aliens in control


Damn…I’d never heard that portion of it @Othelzer. Really curious if you’ve got any other info on that situation. Would be really interested in hearing the lyrics of the song he wrote if you’ve still got it available. Or even just the broad strokes if you remember them. Specially the first person rant of aliens in control.

I’ve only heard about the main complaints from him of elf waves. Had no idea the story went even deeper.

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They sure are. :clap: :+1:


Cipolino may know a tad regarding these kind of energy weapons, not sure how to spell his username though. im having a bad day with spelling lol

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Not surprising in the least I have been waiting for this since 2019. This is a preemptive defense strategy, there will be more of that I’m sure. A little reminder they tried to recycle the story of the CIA asset that claimed he was hit with electromagnetic weapons in Russia from a few years ago, which could very well be true, but take a wild guess who did it to begin with? They need to paint themselves as the victims before their exposure for abusing this tech and unleashing it in the public goes viral. They need something for their media puppets and establishment parroting shills to talk about instead of the truth. The United States government is a terrorist organization that has unleashed mind control warfare on its own citizens and the world as an offensive and defensive weapon for decades. These are crimes that transcend our definition of evil.

At this point the US governments cry bully tactic of accusing others of exactly what it is doing is self evident to anyone with any common sense. The US and it’s western allies are rogue nations guilty of endless war crimes and unspeakable violations of human rights of wholly innocent US citizens who have been targeted since childhood, deemed enemies of the state as minors and tortured for it. People such as my self. These crimes are also carried out across the world by the fifth column lackeys of the US abroad, which number in the millions.

What’s most amazing is that the anti war left has been sucked into all this completely and totally, utterly clueless how they now serve the very monster they protested against years ago. Then again when your attention span is that of shrew…

Worst of all, all of it is cynically done on purpose with the calculation of provoking themselves into war. They know full well that the criminality is of such a scope that mass executions of US government personnel and those associated with mind control crimes are all but certain in any kind of just society. It’s only a matter of time… their only way out is a war. The bigger the better. Will the people be dumb enough to let that happen? Of course they have been primed to accept war as a state of normality over the past 20 years.

Many American citizens have no idea the horror they have allowed to be sowed across the world in their “good” name. Frankly most don’t actually care that is above their pay grade, little did they realize their willful patriotic ignorance made it possible for the same to be done to them. Many do realize what has been going on and actively participate and are compliant with this horror, law enforcement knows full well this is going on, covers it up and takes active participation in these criminal and inhuman operations. Corporate America and Big tech are up to their eyeballs in this shit.

Symbolism matters it happens in front of you every damn day! Hidden in plain sight, on this forum even and not just recently, before I even joined. I call them out from time to time, they have a good lol and disappear. The Five eyes actively weaponized Internet forums going back to the early 2000 and stealthfuly punished and targeted those who dared to speak truth to power. Actually they actively created some of these people, they created the very targets they would later persecute. The evil that is the US government, deep state and establishment know no parallel.

Kinda like the canary lady in Hellboy…

For those with with eyes to see, or maybe it’s just the goggles? :wink:

In order to achieve the seemingly unexplainable or fantastical, one must first understand the limitations one is bound by. Then work within those boundaries, all of these equilibria are tweaked for maximum effect. It’s a crime of a thousand whispers, total control of a weaponized society.

Did any one watch the Oscars? I didn’t but the stench of Hunger Games reverberated through society, most recoiled, rating plummeted. Keep in mind Hollywood is mind controlled to such a degree all of those clowns go with it out of fear. Egomaniacs like them have little chance to stand up to that shit.

Always ask what is being achieved psychologically. What is the hidden hand doing while you are reacting to emotional stimuli. The difference between thinking and feeling. They hide behind symbolism. At this point most should see and be very suspicious of the numbers in the news. Just because they are staged theater events doesn’t mean they are fake, they care nothing for the innocent and these events can be very real for people involved. Still they are orchestrated rest assured of that.

The western elites are literally sacrificing the rest of society to get away with their next level crimes. The hour is later than most realize. It’s not just shooters and so called “terrorists” they have hooked up to this shit… it’s everybody!


…thats new info to me brother. Mustve missed it. Been a long while sleep…

oh this is a great thread , I posted on disclose 2

ill see if I can find data.

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