Agentures you trust discussion

Some people like art bell I disagree

But the discussion is valid

Mark Dice?

They will have me thinking I’m guilty next

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I couldn’t agree more. I think anybody with a name and a platform is feeding us bs. Will cooper was the man. Behold a pale horse is what got me to really start questioning tptb.

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You know what they call joe when him and kamala are having a state meeting.

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bill cooper was a legend, that’s for sure.
i have always liked david icke though, don’t think he belongs on the list.
icke has devoted his life to getting information out to the people.
he could have just stayed as a tv celebrity, but he chose the dark path.
the tough option, respect for that.
there are a lot of ranting nutters akin to alex jones these days.
things got crazy when conspiracy mystery became popular.
maybe blame movies like the da vinci code, 2012 etc etc.

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There is a deception that seems to confuse every truth and every new finding.

We are pawns Ina game of Gods