AI Drone swarms. Coming soon?

This short vid came out last year.
Again I request viewers to ask themselves, how much info do we allow Social media, and others to monitor.
Forget Gestappo…
World wide there is growing concern of Defunding police.
What is the next logical step after police are restrained, and disention plagues our nations.

This is a what if… Like 1984 was. Turned out to be their playbook.

Look at how Fbook, Giggle, and gangs have targeted individuals for their non narrative out cries.

Better EMP your homes, Birdshot.

First real use of these will likely resemble this scenerio, Next gen will be locust using microwave nonlethal tech on those who are marked.

Eyes, and ears open folks. :eyes:

Universities Are Using
Survalience Drones
To Track Students
Under The Guise
Of Health Safety…

They are already here and have been for awhile in military usage.


Dead on Danny.
Few know that Tesla was the first to demonstrate drone use.

I’m gonna invent EMP body armor. Armored Monkey… can you imagine an epic dual between godzilla and a drone? Monkey rip it to shreds.


Could use this to start with.

Oh that is pretty bad ass! Me excited now!! I’ll take 3 EMP Hand shields, and 2 bundles of bananas please. Go visit me some drone prone zones.

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