Alex Jones Challenge

For anyone who thinks Alex Jones is a conspiracy fool, I challenge you to watch him for a week.

Bet you dont think the same after.

This man has been one of the most prophetic man of our times. Granted he was just telling us what the elites were writing about, none the less he was the only one with the balls to tell us.

He woke me up, back in 2001, when I found a video about him predicting 9/11 like 6 months before. I watched him ever since, and the people he has on his show have shared some incredible information.

Free your mind from the globalist propaganda!

direct link to his daily live show →

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His rants are priceless. PRICELESS!



Yeah he’s a hoot and a holler I’ll give you that, but he is also as about controlled opposition as controlled opposition gets. An effective gateway I suppose.

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Alex jones is entertainment
He sits far below david ike


Alex is C_A

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not even close, hes a patriot and easy to see if you listen to him.

below icke?! lol - the dude who said he was jesus?! ok

cia - is why the FBI is after him for 1/6/20

again most of you dont actually know what he really stands for, and you let the propaganda dominate you.

I know hes the real deal, and if you listened you would too.

tomorrows news today → infowars


I watched him for about a year and a half. Only thing I noticed was that he made me angry at Muslims or some other thing that doesn’t really matter to me. Conspiracy theory entertainment/gatekeeper/shit disturber. You sound like an infowars shill dude.

yea ok

sure, they are the only ones putting real news out

Any of you feel free to watch a current show, and then tell me something he says that is wrong.

all lot of propaganda name calling here thats about it…

Been listening to Alex jones since before bill cooper called him out

What’s that more than 25 years. 30 ?

I listened to him for many years and he does tend to be well ahead of the curve on many subjects. However, I got to a point where I couldn’t stand listening to him scream and yell with his banty rooster attitude. His ego requires frequent massaging. I do still enjoy listening to him when he’s on other hosts podcasts as he tends to dial the hysteria back a little.

His site does put out great articles and I read news from his site frequently. He and his team find and publish details that other news sites don’t. Journalism has become very lazy over the years. I appreciate the effort they put in to getting to the bottom of various subject matter.

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alex jones may rant and rave about globalists and elitists but at the end of the day he’s opposition. his wife is jewish, his kids are jewish and by default he is part of the problem. when the country crashes and burns he has his ticket to the promised land far away from the misery. granted, he reports on real issues but when has he ever spoken out about the fact that most of the true power players in the global communist cabal are actually jews?..NEVER.


he actually said he was a son of god. he was going through some life changes at the time, somewhat like what you are describing that you went through from alex jones.
bill cooper was the one who predicted 911, anyone listening to bill cooper at that time was privy to that information. this is what got bill cooper killed.
i don’t dislike alex jones or what he does, i just cant handle listening to him.
he is over the top.
icke has most certainly unleashed more information on the world than jones has.

not even close

icke has some good stuff, but hes also got some crazy stuff.

alex nevrt went into aliens or reptiles

as for him being over the top, I guess when you understand what is really going on, how do you not get totally pissed off?!!

still alex has the best guests and the best information out there. I dont think hes 100%, personally I think he interrupts guests too much, but without people like him, we would be in a much bigger world of hurt right now.

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you are smoking crack.

alex seems pretty crazy too man.
i think, people cant talk about these subjects without someone thinking they are crazy.
you yourself probably have family members who think you are a little crazy when you tell them about things.
i know i have.
i think it’s more about who resonates with you, icke resonates with me more than jones does.
i like all the reptilian agenda material, he makes some compelling arguments for it as a global phenomenon. he has interviewed many interesting people and brought great information to the fore and still is.
both are relevant, i don’t think they should be pitted against each other.
we all want the same thing don’t we?
to me jones is like listening to a pro “wrestler” mouthing off.
he was probably always going to appeal to americans more than icke does, due to being american.
so, to each their own.

ps. do you think jones could be bill hicks?

no disputing that what alex did in this video is a good deed HOWEVER jones is a multi-millionaire that while disclosing information and criminal acts as seen in this linked video, he sensationalizes and then at the end of the video he pushes his bullsh_t snake oil. human trafficking is a serious topic and then he immediately plugs a commercial right after the video.

jones is married to a jewish woman and has children with her and by jewish law that makes his children jewish. out of all the possibilities of the women he could have met and started a relationship with, he happened to meet a person that makes up approximately 2% of the US population? jones being married to a jewish women grants him the ability to flee to israel at any time and gain israeli citizenship.

i appreciate that he has brought certain things to light but i just can’t trust the guy but i understand why others like him.

Correction, Alex Jones WAS a legitimate force for good UNTIL he was co opted by extremist right-wing interests to spread propaganda and memetic programming. Alex is a SELL OUT.

You sound like a shill.

Did you vote for Joe?

And you sound dumb, but thats not stopping you.

Yes I am promoting them, not getting paid. I stated above Alex woke me up. I been a long time listener and I know all about him, his show, his crew, and all hes done. Hes clearly not on the globalists side, and only a fool would think he was.

Again lots of garbage propaganda out there, Aj has been wrongfully demonized a long time.

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