"All Americans Will Receive The Vaccine Within 24hrs" -- Military

Things are about to go hot.


damn them and their poison vaccine ,.

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Listen closely.
He says, “All of America must receive vaccine within twenty four hours…”
He’s talking about the distribution.
Initially this whole ‘warp speed’ thing had me leery, but look at what is happening between Pfizer and Trump. Also, Pfizer is now waffling since moderna came out with a 94.5 % effectiveness, Pfizer just readjusted their effectiveness to 95%. What?
If these do get distributed then let the lemmings who want it get it.
From my understanding, both vaccines have had immediate adverse reactions, so watch how fast these will backfire. Even if the internet gets shut down word will still spread quickly.
Trump’s playing a dangerous game and although I initially challenged his intentions, I feel I have to let this play out.


I would agree… until he got to ‘simultaneously there is no haves or have nots.’

We’ll have to see. We are in a world of hurt either way. I’ve said Trump is playing 3D chess and that he’s a master tactician/Strategist, thinking he’s setting up his enemies.
Check out my post of a podcast of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He spoke with Trump in 2016 regarding vaccines. Trump apparently agreed that vaccines are bad and he knows this because he’s personally dealt with it.
A lot of us who are familiar with autism feel that Baron is on the spectrum and I feel that this is what Trump was alluding to.
Anyone who’s had a child harmed by vaccines knows that they must be stopped.
Again, I have to let this run it’s course, because my faith is in God.


tenor (5)

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Good luck with that.

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Hi Mr Fox. I would like to think that if the internet was so heavily censored or shut down. It would be counter productive. By having many more wake up to what crap they are trying to con us with. I heard many people say they won’t. Yet say if they do it just shows that the conspiracy theories are in deed all real. Some of my friends and family have already awoken with the new attacking of free speech and trying to block ALL content online that is anti vaxx.


Makes you wonder why it needs to be distributed so fast.
No time to assess reactions to it. Especially if nothing shows up for days.

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I would think G.I. Joe may have to hold me at gunpoint, to force my compliance… He has no guarantee that I may not be firing back… In which case, the vaccine wouldn’t do him any good…

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Good point. Especially if Pfizer’s vaccine has to be kept so cold. How will this be possible?
Think about this too: What is a solution at -94F doing to a persons veins as it’s being injected?

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This is Like a Really Bad
Sci Fi Horror Flick…

No sh!+! :flushed:

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While I don’t doubt that there is some form of sinister agenda unfolding before our eyes in regards to the vaccine, there’s something that for me doesn’t quite add up about the idea that the vaccine itself will cause a great die-off (or similar); the level of draconianism surrounding it appears too blatant.

If I were an evil mastermind plotting either mass de-population or global dominance, it would be counter-productive to wipe-out the compliant & docile portion of the population who do as they are told is necessary and always believe the mainstream narrative. It would be far more desirable to wipe-out the dissident and critical-thinking portion of the population who are of independent mind & sceptical of the mainstream narratives, as that would be a lot more conducive to domination.

This is pure speculation on my part, but what if there is a 2nd and truly deadly strain of the virus to be “released”, which could ravage only those who have not “accepted” the vaccine?

i would be wary of sterilisation.
another way to curb population quickly is to stop folk having babies.

Very easily could be designed to start killing off the vast majority within 5 years…

No offence SF, but WE ALL have no choice BUT to let it play out :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

More than likely has to do with the temps involved with storage as well as them just being dicks about it. :+1:t2:

And … @mike.the.cubed

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That’s What I Think


And Any Side Effect
Die Offs

Blamed on a Mutant Strain

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Yes, speaking of side effects, how can phizer and modera,
Claim no side effects, when the fucken vac is only 2 months old?

THAT truly pisses me off…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Good point and one that I’ve also considered. Gates did say this next one would get our attention.
We are at a precipice. Tptb feed on fear and right now they are glutinous in it. It has become a self sustaining where a few seeds were planted and it blossomed into what it is now. Because it is now self sustaining we can only save ourselves, not on a physical level, but on a spiritual level.