All is governed by a single mind?

Can it be that our thoughts and choices are not partly made by us ?
Suddenly we are controlled by a single mind that controls everything and makes us think that we are individuals ?


I think with my monster

What are you talking about ?

In my opinion…don’t bother with this read…ur wasting time

The hive mind.
And resistance is not futile, but absolutely necessary.

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I believe that thoughts and ideas and “ways of thinking” influence people PASSIVELY in a “big picture” sort of way…

You ever notice that people from the same country will have similar ways of thinking regardless of social media use?

Animals that “hang out” or even make noises to eachother will often all respond “on cue” without any form of visible or audible communication?

I think ways of thinking influences people without anyone needing to share it and the more somone “relates” to you or “respects” you the more succeptable they are to your pattern of thinking just as they are to your spoken opinions.

I believe in a “passive” form of sub-conscious communication deeply connected to the “sixth sense” which is the source of a feeling that “somthing is not right” about somone really evil walking by and sometimes that feeling that makes you “walk to work” instead of taking a bus.

somone i knew was on a bus in Asia and “suddenly felt somthing was wrong” so he got off the bus and turned the corner to walk down a cross streed and the bus exploded.

turns out somone had put a bomb on it and ten seconds longer of sitting on the bus and he would not be alive.

It made the international news and when I asked if he had heard about the “bus that exploded” he told me about his pants staining experience!!!

I’m comprehending what you’re throwing down. It’s always entertaining to watch folks twist these concepts all dark side. Oh will we ever learn?

The celestial sphere’s in our solar system emitted frequency shifts prior to 9/11 attacks, as well as earth’s resonance. People recorded dreams before it happened, general feelings of dread and anxiety unsourced. Then it happened. Hindsight can teach us to be more wise going forward.
Too much hindsight, well… refer to prometheus’s brother for that.

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