"All Vaccinated People Will Die Within 2 Years." - Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier

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poor soul


Sorry dude but there’s no validity to any of this info.

We can’t help people to see by spreading fear about the virus. They control people by fear.

This has no credible source to back any of it up im afraid.


Its in the article link at the bottom of the topic.

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Jedi you crazy bird…

Did you reply to the wrong topic…? :beers:


I see you read an article farther down the page as well. I think @mrwislr did an OP on that the other day and we sorted that whole deal out.


No not crazy dude. I included the link because yes it was further down the page on the link you shared and that was enough to discredit the entire thing for me.

I hope its not even remotely true for the masses … but I could see it being perpetuated for the weak and elderly if at all.

I just hope learned scholars like the Nobel Lauriet from the OP is being overly cautious … Hope!!


nope, no one said they took turns at eating mice.
three cats took three minutes= each cat took three minutes to eat a mouse

Yeah we sorted the convalescent plasma deal a few days ago on here. That was something people were blowing out of proportion. Or maybe taking more out of context.

For this actual post above that we are all commenting on though the question is more do you put any trust in what a world renowned leader in the field is saying…or maybe is he coo coo for the coco puffs. :beers:


It is impossible that well intentioned people would encourage everyone to take an experimental vaccine for a low risk illness. No need for psyches or egos or subconcious doing the reckoning, good people simply would not do that.


Three minutes


Only saw video about how vaccine helps virus evolved


The old French man. No?


Cpan you imagine us on the last 1/4 of life out living our beautiful families

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You? Your left

3 minutes…

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Two things make this scenario seem likely:

1, Read the text on the Georgia Guidestones about needing to reduce the world population to under 500 million. The whole COVID situation makes me think of the old adage that “sometimes, the cure is worse than the illness”.

  1. Remember the very last episode of the tv show “Conspiracy Theory” that former wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura used to host? In that last episode, a guy took him to Biloxi, Mississippi to view the stacks of millions upon millions of plastic coffins that FEMA had stored there. After the episode aired, the US government forced the show off the air, with no reason given.

1994 Dr. Robert Willner Outed Fauci, NIH, CDC, WHO For Fraud/Genocide Using The PCR Test To Identify A Fake Virus So To Poison Them With ‘Medicine’