Alternative Social Media Networks List, You Must Leave,Facebook,Twitter and Instagram NOW!–You-Must-Leave-Facebook-Twitter-and-Instagram-NOW-eorhjv


I completely agree… the problem is people value their facebook account more than they do their freedom.


Topiks is the best alternative to Instagram. It’s owned by center people so not conservative nor leftists. Check em out

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They value their egos.

When the control they wield over society is broken down into how the apply pressure and incentivize. Ego is a major lever, it depends on the target but with most people, ego is the way to go. They both play to it and destroy it. Fear is another.

We have become an increasingly egomaniacal society. A society of narcissists.

It’s actually amazing how similar it is to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Also a generation of egomaniacal narcissists was created before finally taking it down. Identical tactics are now being deployed in the US.


You should leave them “ALL”…
Get some fresh air…


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