AMAZING POLLY - This Isn't About A Virus

One of my favorite Canadian Researchers… Amazing Polly looks into subjects and offers her common sense views based on her findings… This video from her is 51:56 in length… If you’re interested and have the time, I think it’s worth a watch…


I need to know where to find this video out in the wild. Bitchute? Rumble? seems to scrub the source of embeded videos and it drives me nuts. I want to record this but I can’t do that from the embeded version.


I found it on Bitchute… Just type Amazing Polly in their search engine… Click on the filter labeled relevance… Click on newest first and then click search again… Should pop up for you… Hope this helps… :+1:

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That works! Thanks! She’s also on Rumble.

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Programs ( a video is a program batch file ) are kept out of hackers reach

This makes linking the vid a burden on poster

Great great post


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bitchute…search amazing polly

Id like to find her in my bed with a tub of lube

Her channel. Amazing Polly

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