Amazon's planned corporate HQ looks like a modern Tower of Babel

Last week Amazon’s unveiling of plans for a “Helix” tower as part of their HQ2 drew nationwide attention.

The company said the structure, which will form part of their PenPlace site, will feature more than 2.5 acres of open spaces, an amphitheater, retail shops, and restaurants throughout, as well as a 1,500 person meeting space, among other features.

By 2030, Amazon has said their HQ2 will have at least 25,000 employees.

Amazon’s HQ2 almost looks like the modern version of the biblical Tower of Babel.

It didn’t work out so well the last time though…

In a blog post, Amazon said “we’ve designed a workspace for our employees that will prioritise areas for collaboration, natural light, and a constant interaction with nature. The design promotes wellbeing and physical exercise, agency (the ability for employees to choose when, how, and where to work), and a strong connection with the local community.

It continued: “We believe that campuses should be neighbourhoods that bring people together and not isolated, employee-only spaces that ignore their surroundings.”


Looks like a giant slide.

All in honour of Beelzebub/ belzebul/belzebuth !!!


you are da.n awoken :slight_smile:

Omg The Slide to hell

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Monkey See, Monkey Do!

“Note: The Square Heads of those (bottom left corner) that are programmed and how the child has yet to become programmed into this system.”


Theres patterns and likenesses too exact in alot of ancient things and things we build today… don’t you agree???

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I believe it were Nimrod and his doings to reach the heavens.

Hey RK heres a thought i had today about babylon nimrod and tower of bab-el.
It may have been a space elevator in the making?
Funny this topics here just after i wondered about the old tower of bab-el.
Tell me what you think?
Built to reach Gods abode and storm it with two teams like a military style takedown?


Its the stupidity of Luicifer and his fallen Angel’s to get man to do the building of unholy things for them by sharing some math n building skills as well as fool many with real glamour but they always end up worse off than before…thanks n safety n food n shelter I wish for all

Read the stories. They are Biblical

Nimrod was retarded. His daddy told him do not disrespect the Jewish artifacts. When he became king he called his generals and ambassadors in to celebrate. Told a slave to get the artifacts. Some were goblets from a synagogue that were displayed in the museum. he filled them with wine and passed them around to drink from. When he drank, it is written in the bible that not only did he release himself (diarrhea) from his bowels. But it brought him to his knees. It immobilized the entire leadership of the army that night. Cyrus walked right in and took it over. Without a fight. Wiki says Cyrus drained the moat. It was God who drained it prior to Cyrus’s arrival. Ground was dry enough to walk across and bare weight.

Balshzar too.

Yes the writing on the wall you -have been weighed and found wanting,
my wonder is what he was building the tower of bab el for, and it was to reach into the heavenly realms where Gods throne is and steal it from him,
God said if they manage to complete this tower then nothing will be beyond them, alluding to [technology] i believe,
it may have been some kind of technological tower not just physical see?
This is why i thought the possibility that its a space elevator anchor on earth,
the tower was freaking huge apparently it took 3 days to walk around the ruins seriously.
Jacobs ladder…They wanted to storm Gods throne with two teams of soldiers and kill God place himself on the throne in heavne this was its purpose.
High science is working on space elevator technology now.

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Heres a video that gives some great insight into the original tower.
I think the original was more then just about great height it was also technological in nature too.
Hence my theory about it possibly being a space elevator etc.
Listen and learn if it behooves you.
I love this stuff.


Looks like a giant, glass and steel dog turn to me mate.


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I have always considered the ‘tower’ to be a metaphor too mate…but i have leaned towards launch pad complete with rocket and gantry rather than space lift, but who knows eh.

Both work really when you consider it was destroyed because god apparently called upon ‘the inhabitants of the sky’ to destroy it, because it’s builders wanted to reach the sky…presumably where the inhabitants of the sky were.

Screams of deliberately regressing or retarding (delaying?) Human technological progress that could have enabled us to have contact on our own terms with the sky inhabitants to me.

I quite agree, oddly enough Bozo has resigned from his post recently… Reminds me of rats leaving ship… I hope.