American Psychoanalytic Association: "Whiteness" is a "a malignant, parasitic-like condition"

The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association published a study a couple of days ago likening “whiteness” to “a malignant, parasitic-like condition” for which “there is not yet a permanent cure.”

So Donald Moss has a mental illness and he’s being allowed to just go with it, isn’t that a form of abuse or cruelty, Shouldn’t someone be helping Donald ?


They say racism is taught.

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You know what is hilarious?
The left loves to change terminology when people catch on to their “grift”. Global Warming was used for over a decade…until the Earth started to cool and the “predictions” were not just complete off…but were just flat out wrong…so then you started hearing “climate change”…because that phrase didn’t have “warming” in it so whether the weather trends were getting colder than normal or hotter than normal…then they could declare “climate change!”.

Similarly, the left used the term “discrimination” a while bunch from the 90’s until around 2012-2014 period where you started hearing this new term “whiteness” that was starting to be used in place of discrimination…and why did they make this change? Because the very definition of “discrimination” is:

the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of ethnicity, age, sex, or disability.

With that definition if you were born with some form of disability and someone treated you differently then you were being discriminated against your disability…and if the left kept blaming “white people” for all evil things in the world…that is a form of discrimination…so coming up with something like “whiteness” is actually very discriminatory against white people in general…but based on the definition:
It has nothing that someone can “argue against” like they could with discrimination.

So, they changed the “term to be used” to basically create a “new definition” that would most likely not be “added to any dictionary” because there was already a historically long standing agreed upon definition for “whiteness”.

Of course, only the “collegiate” class individuals could come up with something so shifty…knowing that they could then “use the term like it was an epidemic itself” without having any contradictions in their accusations based on the “definition itself”.

There is a relatively large group of people on the left that are very discriminatory towards white people and they have the media to help them push their “whiteness” message…you know the funny thing is that not too recently I was at a very small gathering where most of the people identified themselves as “democratic” or “liberal”…and some of the conversations I heard were so discriminatory…one person complained that this “online working from home phenomena” was bad because it made them have to compete against women and colored people…my jaw almost hit the floor…and no one batted an eye to that…I left shortly after that conversation.

The point being… these people are completely brainwashed and have no real bearing on “right vs wrong”…because the left promotes this “struggling against the man” atmosphere…when in reality the “leaders of the left” are actually “the man”.


I look forward to their studies into the same with regards to the


populations also.

Where is this alleged whiteness gleaned from?

  • The School System
  • The Television Networks
  • Can’t be Mom and Dad as
    • They are Working
    • Or Divorced.

How can this be taught but the other people of color who attend the same schooling aren’t affected by this?
Is that correct in saying?
How can this be correct?
Or is this directed at the really white people the Chinese. They are whiter than the common European?


He’s a jew.

Unfortunately that’s the case for a lot of people involved in the field of psychology.

I wont ever forget when I got a super passive aggressive email regarding a item I was selling online. This was already during my peak stalking and psyop operation. Anyways I thought to myself this is a psychologist from a liberal neighborhood isnt it? Sure enough I did a basic google search of the fellas name and lo and behold I hit that nail square in the head. Needless to say that toxic weasel didn’t get the sale.

That word-bollocks is indicative of the illogically-corrosive mentality that now pervades modernity.

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I dont know any white people, everyone I know has a certain level of melanin pigmentation :man_facepalming:

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I only have “whiteness” in the winter time. The rest of the year I transition to lobster red, then to a sort of peachish tan. I won’t worry until the academics start going after the peachish tan people…


Ban the word ‘racist’ and lets get back to taking the piss out of each other.

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Looks like an emotionally healthy, happy individual. :fu:him!

he is most definitely a parasite from the look of it :ok_hand:


He’s a lizard.

That’s not him, though agreed that guy looks a proper creep. Toxic as heck.

This is…

Though to be fair that other Donald might give this Donald a run for his money.

everything is downstream from culture. They are attacking basic fundamentals. Christianity, which western civilization is built upon, is under attack. Marxism is being used to recruit useful idiots, but in the grand scheme its only to fulfill the globalist agenda. Communism? ofcourse, but globalism is the name of the game. The population is growing, & that’s something they do not like. Because we out number them big time, which is why they are always so hard at work trying to keep everyone divided. They also need a population that is easier to control

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The dumbest thing I’ve read all day.

Moss growing on his brain.

How about we replace the word “WHITENESS” and put in “JEW ZIONIST” instead?

Seems like ANYTHING they called out on, they SELF PROJECT it and lay the blame on WHITES for everything.

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