‘Ancient Alien Bible’ spotted on Mars by NASA rover

A UFO hunter has found ‘proof’ that aliens believe in religion, having found what he claims is a photo of an old Bible lying around on Mars.

The verified NASA rover photos were originally shot in 2015, with wide-angled shots revealing what was going on in Mars - which was not very much, by the looks of things.

But self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott C. Waring took a more detailed look into the snaps, having found what he thinks is an ‘old family Bible’.

Waring recently revisited his discovery and decided to share it on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily.


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Well why the fk not, i remember just hrs after 911 the CIA found the passport of one of the hijackers on the pavement several blocks away from the two towers.
So if you believe the CIA then you can believe this Post…lololololol


I think it’s the yellow pages, on adult services too…looks like the planet isn’t the only thing going through a dry spell :rofl: :beers:


Why a bible? Who’s to say it’s not just some old alien mystery novel by the alien equivalent of Agatha Christie?


It does look like a book or magazine but the surrounding rock makes me think otherwise.

Lol so true

What exactly makes this a photo of a bible? Think that’s a pretty long stretch to come to that conclusion.

Yeah, if they’re anything like humans, it’ll be porn.
Definitely looks like an old, weathered book - or a rock. So let’s go with aliens :crazy_face:


What exactly makes this a photo of a bible?


It smells of BS

It’s gotta be lol…if they’re on Mars they’re rocks if there in Uranus they’re an issue :rofl: :beers:

So they found a Bible on a dead planet that belongs to something they have not even managed to prove exists?? Did they think if they included BIBLE in the yarn that would win the support of christians??? LMAO…that is WAF

There is a photograph number associated with this does anyone know what it is?

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Why a alien Bible?, a book maybe (reaching for sure)
But why assume its a religious book, why not a ancient comic book, a diary or even a porn mag?

Naw it’s gotta be bs if Scott got sumn do wit it

What if the rover is really in the Arizona desert?

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That’s where I think it is… Or, someplace similar on Mother Earth…

It is either some form of mineral in that area or an algae (life on mars?)… but definitely not a book…exposed at the surface…and besides…look at the scale relative to the rover…it is like smaller than some of its sensor mounts…which is much smaller than a bible.

Look at the surrounding rocks with the same color…they are larger…

It is a rock…