Ancient Artifacts Uncovered

Can you imagine if this is real?

Im withholding my opinion until more science is done,
But wow, if this is indeed actual, could change everything!


It is and I can explain how so. Just watch one documentary. They havnt called the planet venus after the venus fly trap for nothing. if you put the knowledge into our world and we are the carniverous plants than you can see where we are going.

You lost me,
What do carnivorous plants have to do with ancient relics?

I invite you to watch 3 different documentaries to understand it. The knowledge of the forever time 1 to 8. 1 to 7 free on you tube then watch death trap then watch the mayan story of creation. Then you will have a larger understanding of the big picture. The images under a microscope from the death trap documentary are the same images as sattelite images from space during the early years. this is fact but nobody will tell you this as its hidden knowledge.

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just to answer it short but without the understanding of 10 hours of doco’s . The venus fly trap and other carniverous plants are in symbiosis together we too are in symbiosis we are the Carniverous plants and the greys are the ants. it tells of our past our present and our future. and the final documentary to watch is the methusela tree and understand how it gained long life then you can understand where we are heading in the world today. nothing explains it better than the living truth of nature.


Interesting video. Just because something is hard or impossible to find on the net, doesnt mean it doesnt exist. I can think of many things that I know exist but doesnt on the net. Epstiens home CCTV, Real photos of Antarctica, DUMB’s, Simple Cancer cures etc etc. Just 2 things though…

  1. The etchings on one side of the skull looks almost identical to one of the Nazca lines.

  1. We all know who ends up looking after all these sort of finds away from the public :wink:


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Yes, thats what intrigues me the most,
But , hopefully, the artifacts wont disappear and will get some concrete science back on them.

This is part of my Forever Time video I posted that got little comment. People should really check it out it explains a lot of things we misinterpreted.

My thoughts, too. Good catch!

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Please add it in :+1:t2:

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Your vid? What’s your Ytube?

well said Sundew. :sunglasses:

Excellent find Alien.


So true bro!!! :sunglasses:

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I’ll take another look at that, thanks

It was posted on this site a few weeks ago. I don’t have a Tube channel.
If you want to search it out look for the following title: The Knowledge of the Forever Time on UTUBE

Search UTube for The Knowledge of the Forever Time

UTube search: The Knowledge of the Forever Time

That is interesting…although I would have to say they look relatively new and have been made to look older.