Ancient dreams of technology, the automaton dreams of antiquity

This video is rather revealing the lady in it goes into some detail about how the ancients had visions of technology and particularly the automaton and other examples and who knows perhaps technology was much more abundant in previous times then what we so far have been led to believe or understand?
I think its worth the watch to learn about what our ancestors may have imagined and even possibly tried to build even succeeding in some examples of life like animals humans
and other machines of the minds eye.
I personally believe this earth has seen incredible technology before and we are discovering the remnants of this everyhwere on Earth still to this day.
It would explain so much of what we thought was just mythological magic but might have really been very high technology so long ago that records are scarce and remnants are sparse but it would go a long way to explaining why so much of historical architecture and artifacts seem unbelievably constructed and impossible to conceive,
watch and enjoy, yes please!~!

I think you may like this vid yep.^^^


Why not? It is said today, If it can be imagined, it can be created.
Imagination has been a blessing and curse since mankind walked this earth.
Maybe ignorance is not only bliss but a blessing? :flushed:

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The Tree of Knowledge


Maybe they were able to access the Akashic records?

In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records is a compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human

Good video. The human mind is a good and beautiful thing. But :snake:happens.

If you haven’t had a chance to read a dweller on two planets i highly suggest you check it out.

It can be done, even back then, i question the actual size, but i believe they made automotons way back then

I will thanks Sarge sounds great.

Yep so do i.

I rekon they were very advanced i have read and studied for yrs now and im amazed by what i have discovered
thats why im sure pre flood the world was unbelievably advanced texhnologically

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Far more advanced that MSM will EVER credit :+1:t2:


the reason we are being deceived by modern sciences is because
the system has pushed so many lies upon us for so long now
and there is no way they will negate these lies by suddenly telling us the truth about our past,
theres no way they will ever own lying to us and they never ever have.

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What about life spans CX?..they longer one lived the more time to acquire knowledge :beers:

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Thought it was worth asking :sunglasses: :beers:

Martial Law. Marshalling. Marching. Mergers. Martyrdom. Murder.

These familiar terms of conquest are named after the planet of conquest: Mars. The origins of these words suggest systems of control imposed upon us by humans who associate themselves with the planet Mars.

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Cool cheers mate :beers:

Truth right there, the more we investigate mythology and understand how it was the means to keep real history alive the more we learn truth about the past thats what i have found brother.

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It seems to be that anomalies get bundled in with myths, legends or folklore as a way of explaining them away easily…too many similarities across the board imho :beers:

…u r allmoast there…
technology & magic are the same thing
technology came from something like adoration of the blak arts (blak magic, - not white!) it’s called geomantics (similar to feng shui)
the tv itself was invented to comunicate whit the spirit world (the ether) btw, the ether is what christians call heaven. (the 5th non phisical ellement)
vid looks interesting… i’ll watch it tonight… thanx

Protricity u2… a big part of our history is embeded in the language(s) we speak…(4 example: hexadecimal-computer language, hexe- means witch in german)
sadly our languages have all been manipuladed big time… 4 example: why is the very first letter from the alphabeth a pyramid with an all-seeing-eye on top of it?
all the books in the world are pure desinformation by design… the humans (tribes) who were grounded to the planet were all killed because they can not be mind controled. those people were very much in tune with mother nature and they understood and spoke the languages that are native to planet earth…