Ancient Pipework

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Ancient India had aqueducts and stone carved tunnels before the Roman Empire was even a “idea”

There is no “known” age about the catacombs under France and England because most of them are under water and unstable.

EVERY SINGLE culture older than a few hundred years has pyramids regardless of what continent you are talking about.

It’s extremely hard to find a good article on this because much of the research is in Chinese and much of it has been “accidentally destroyed or lost” or is total BS written by some idiot making stuff up.

I have spent hours looking up this stuff and confirming the stuff I’m interested in.

The Bai gong pipes of the Southwestern part of China off limits to tourism or travel without government explicit permission are embedded in and underneath a pyramid and the lake nearby.

The Pipes are clearly smelted of a type of iron alloy used in many pipes today in spite of being “dated” at least 150,000 years old and have traces of radioactivity from a alloy of Uranium alloy being experimented today as Nuclear reactor fuel.

below is a vague article on it but no one is allowed into that area so it’s doubtful it will ever be properly investigated since there are no artifacts to sell or money to be made…

Just a curious pyramid with lots of indoor plumbing for…some…reason… older than civilization if you believe the BS national geographic , BBC and the Smithsonian are hawking


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