Ancient Rock Wall and The Moon Eyed People

Fort Mountain Georgia

There’s a 800 ft Long Rock Wall

Around The Summit
Inside What is Now
State Park…

Settlers Discovered It Some
Seventy Years After
The Cherokee Removal

Not A lot is Known About It

Ancient and Believed
To Have Been Built
By The Moon Eyed People




We have something similar here. Ours has been speculated that it was used to entrap game animals, getting them into closer range in order to kill.
Sorta like us humans with the metaphorical wall around us… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah…Thats Been Floated






I’ve seen this used as a Tick barrier around the perimeter of properties here in Nova Scotia. They’ve been so bad people just needed to create a safe zone that they won’t pass. There are so many things this could have been for. Cool beans.


Some Why, Don’t Reckon
That Was Its Purpose😜

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Nice post. It looks like the remnants of a dry stone wall. Perhaps denoting a territory boundary?


I’d love to go hiking around them there parts, especially in the cold, then at the journey’s end, find a good log cabin bar with a crackling open fire and downing a few.


Totally Dry Stone…

It’s Not a Boundry…No

Yeah…Winter Hiking Rocks

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That’s what you end up with after clearing land of trees and rocks for farm land. We have miles of them here where I live. Full of Rattle snakes.
I see them and think what the folks would think if they would see what happened after years of back breaking work and it is mostly forest now. Probably rolling over in their graves.
Possibly there were settlers here early in America’s history that have been long forgotten.

Sounds Logical…

And While The Cherokee

Were Farmers

And This Was Cherokee Land

Then This Wouldn’t Be The Only One Then
In The Area…

And According to Oral Tradition

The Moon Eyed People Built

BEFORE The Cherokee…

Awesome awesome awesome…again, I was in the dark on the prolific construction of the native peoples…I’m stoked I found Dtv, and the avenues it’s lead down are so cool, this obviously being one of my faves :facepunch: :beers:


And You Are A Treasure


I do try :blush: lol :beers:

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Rockwall Texas, just ne of Dallas.
Has remnants of an ancient big rock wall extending 100’ft. Built by unknown origin.

Just read an article on it few years ago.
I lived within 20miles and never knew.

Dude When We Lived in E TX

We Traveled Thru Rock Wall
Regular Going to Dallas…

Right…NoBody There Has a Clue

When They Were Building The City
They Found It

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