Another Antifa Bites The Dust

This is security video showing 2 basement dwelling mama boys trying to intimidate and harass someone older than them. Mama did not teach the femi-boys how to fight.


That was AWESOME… :rofl: Taking down 2 punks with no more energy wasted than 3 punches… I guess the younger, bigger bullies underestimated this little old man…

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Why is it that if you try hard enough you can turn men into women but never women into men, Hmmmm…

Whaaay to Go Kid, Yahoooo!!! … :beers: :facepunch:

Please do not tell Hillary and Ellen an Rosie they are not men. They could not take the shock. But tell Mochelle Obama we know he is a man

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Oh good job!:facepunch: Slap

Awesome old timer, that was soòoo pleasingly satisfying.

He changed their life. I wonder which woke up first and told the other " I was winning and someone sucker punched me" :rofl:

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Yeah Dan, i recon they will think twice before attacking someone, unless there is a couple dozen of em.

Bless ya Rob, Hope you are well

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Seems like the 3rd guy didn’t know who to help.
I could watch it all day but have things to do.
Love it, it made my day.

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a most enjoyable watch Danny, cheers :beers:

Love It, It reminds me of a time when a local bully thought he would Intimidate an old fella In the pub, the old fella said " Come on then outside" and the bully followed him laughing at his mates, 10 seconds later, the old guy walks back In and says to the bullies mates, " Your mates outside, go and scrape him up" the bully was flat out ko’d, and everybody Including his mates thought It was hilarious.

Amazing old guy strength
I don’t have that

So there is still colt 1911 with a compatition bushing and a replaceable barrel

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This goes to show you that you NEVER mess with your elders. Or better yet in this case your BETTERS!

This goes to show these young punks they should respect their elders… A few of them have forgotten more about handling themselves than these punks will ever know…

Bullies are usually weak cowards and can not fight.If one day they rise up and decide to go after people they think are weak and a good target…there will be such a Purge…!

Im sure they are going to claim to be the victims now. They way this world is working these days is disturbing.

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