Another lap top

Ok… I posted this one under conspiracy mainly because we now have a third laptop in play here, even if the first two have been swept under the rug.
A brief summary on where I’m going here:

  1. Anthony Weiner laptop got us all riled up, hoping hilary was busted and was going to dance the jig. So far, nothing.
  2. Hunter Biden laptop got us all riled up, hoping Hunter and pop would also dance the jig. So far, nothing.
  3. Nancy Pelosi laptop, apparently seized by operatives as they raided Capitol Hill yesterday.
    Lord only knows what’s on that hags laptop, if they really got it, but recent news is stating that the witch wants Trump immediately removed from office.
    Is she nervous?
    According to these guys, the plus sized lady has yet to sing…

That’s The Thing

He Conceded

Two Weeks To Go…

And The ShitHag

Wants to Wah??

Rite…It Don’t Smell


I have been telling you guys this Pelosi vatican roman catholic babylon empire connection


I don’t think its over guys …:thinking:


The enterprise tech of the vatican is SJ Robert. Ballecer

You have my friend and its coming out more an more in the global picture.


It is frustrating to know and the charity to compassion to a established religion.

I understand the emotion of holding a faith inocent untill proven otherwise, but the history of the Roman + Catholic empire of babylon is well established since the nicean holicost


Yes and the more we dig we find out there is only one thing for certain spiritually. That one thing is Jesus Christ. If we keep our minds focused on Him and Him alone we have the best shot. I believe there is not one organized sect, religion, or belief system that nas not been compromised by Satan. At this point in history it was written that it would happen. We cannot expect others outside the house of God to see what is happening on the inside. I do not call myself a Catholic, Methodist or Baptist or Mormon or anything other than a man focused on Jesus and wishing I could do better and so unspeakably grateful that He loves me anyway in my wickedness. This is all we have left my friend. I am to the point every morning when I wake up I say “Thank you Jesus for another day and please be with me until I can be there with you”
I look forward to the day when people like you, Citizen, me, TD, and BM are introduced to each other by the God that created us and we can all be happy that we made it there.

May Jesus walk with you step by step, day by day.


May the lord bless you brother . I took wake up every morning with jesus and i go to bed also with a prayer as much as i can . I always feel better , were all sinners and we can all be forgiven when we repent . In JESUS , in JESUS, in JESUS no more pain

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More action is currently underway to recover and silence the ones who took Pelosi’ laptop then any effort to take action on Hunter Bidens laptop.

Someone is likely to be hilaried soon, jumping off a building, deep diving with cement shoes…

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Man O Man…

It’s Madness


Seeing information, that Pelosi urgency to remove trump is related to her missing laptop.


We always can hope. It’s been one thing after another that always comes up short. :man_facepalming:

charlie ward?? omg use discernment

huge connection between the vatican, dc and the city of london.
ruling the world…
financially through the city of london, its own country not part of the uk.
spiritually through the vatican city, its own country not part of italy.
militarily through the district of columbia , its own country not part of usa.
the empire of the cities, the three city state, the ring of power.



And Invisible

Whatever is on it wear protective lenses and medical grade gloves. Lord only knows where that thing has been.

Everytime in the U.S when you find corruption, nastiness and satanism Peloso and the Arkansas ass are always neck deep in it

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God bless you DDanny.

Yes, they are.