Another reptile malfunction live

These Ppl dont care no more


It’s interesting how some of these videos on Queen Elizabeth doing the same thing keep getting the 404 beast. If I ever met Vladimir Putin, the one and only question I would ask him is “iIs it true what you said and witnessed on Queen Elizabeth”
Also I’m more inclined to believe this video clip more than others because there is no other interference or glitches anywhere else other than the face, unlike other videos I have seen in the past.


This has 2 strong possibilities and a possible link to two which I admit can be a little far fetched.

  1. De-Pixel of the image due to a poor satellite signal. I have saw that happen back in the old days I had a dish and it was snowing or raining hard
  2. Manifestation of evil spirits.

Can one cause the other??? I don’t know



Nancy Pelosi and Mario Cuoma before makeup?


Common sense would say glitch in the video, I’ve seen a couple of debunking videos which seemed reasonable explanations, issues with copying etc.

Ignorance of the science of video etc puts me at a disadvantage but I must agree with you, the glitch only appears to effect dracos’ face, which seems very odd indeed.

Would be nice to hear what a video Gandalf s’ explanation would be,

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I like your pixel statement, my problem is, it was just his face, not the rest of the feed. Wouldn’t the entire “picture” be messed up?
Just curious


Yep, some are blatantly obvious and others make you think, some of many of these fake ones that are about at the minute makes it harder for us to decide or debunk. Same for the UFO clips. I wish some folk would just stop creating fake shit.

Danny you are a bad man but I like it!.. That was hilarious… :rofl: :rofl:

It could be I guess, not an expert there but I have saw some weird stuff on satellite feeds when the signal drops out. A dish signal is very weak microwave which has a LNB. (Low Noise Block) down converter which amplifies the signal thousands of times. It does not take but very little disruption in the very weak signal coming in to cause that effect. I once had this happening on a clear day and when I finally found the problem a bird was sitting on the mast going up to the LBN and blocking it.

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bet ya £100 they cant finish Peter Piper picked … or tell you to f off. she kinda reminds me of the ex-ma-in-law … :beers:


Digital malfunction or noise. I am not denying the possible existence of Reptilians races, just commenting on the problem with the video feed. Possibly a technician is screwing around , being funny. Maybe the techs were trying to get a reaction from Blitzer because he is such a dick.

Ill post another vid which is also recent and its gonna show crazy same similiarites

Wide sprayed…hmmm

Anyone else getting chem sprayed like crazy lately?
They stopped for almost a year, just started back up again and I can see it and sense it. Sprayed a big giant X right over my house two days ago.

As for the bad feed quality feed stuff, I dont exactly buy it. Dimensional frequency glitch?

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This is the one Danny

Man I got 1:49 and that music shut me down. That is some satanic stuff just in the music.

I see the gist of the message though.

There’s footage of Elvis it may even be the last video taken of him before he died but it’s old black and white and he’s standing talking to a little girl and as he’s talking his face starts to Warp I saw it recently maybe even on dtv somewhere have you seen it?


I need to say I do not believe in a race of reptiles from outer space with human flesh suits like I have saw on the movies in the past. I know there is demonic possession and demons I have saw do not look like reptiles. Does that mean they cannot? No it does not mean they cannot just because i have not saw it… I am only relating on what I know. I know tech glitches can happen as I have saw them and its not always with a face, it is just what happens to be on the screen at the time. Could it be something happening to warn us of their nature.
Satan is referred to as a serpent, snake and a dragon. So could it be what we are seeing in a physical manifestation of the dark soul of that person?