Another Trump Loving Moron

More republican whack jobs showing their colors


I hope for him there internet in jail… so he still can post troll comments on dtv.


Lol , that guy won’t last a day inside , Internet banged up ? Not unless he shoves a cell phone up his soon to be ruptured ass

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Idi0t trying to dance…reminds me of



You dont post anything about the biden supporting morons like BLM and antifa. 2 terrorist organizations


how is a title like this allowed on DTV?! lol

oh mods are too busy crying about other users I guess, lol

garbage thread, troll bait at best

and Republicans wack jobs, I guess you cheered on Antifa, huh?!

See how it ends for you, lol


How many tide pods have you already consumed?

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There is one thing about this, Demonrats aren’t guilty of this shit are they???

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They’ve been charging people for months now…are we going to get a thread about every one now??:roll_eyes:

Trump said take your government back,and we should…I did not hear him say to go down to capital building,breach walls,break windows storm inside,kill 5 people,and oh yeah,grab Nancy’s laptop on way out…apparently nobody can get over it…he didn’t do it the people did…some just to do it


I like being called moron…I don’t feel bad about posting…Everybody has moved on to Biden bitching,and you seem to be the only true Trump loving moron who can’t get over it

Says the troll idiot posting comments on dtv

You couldn’t make this up lol.

Cmon,B sirius…

lol thanks for kepping this thread alive… hatefull one

Not to worry, Biden supporters are released for burning down cities, I’m sure this guy will be Ok, and released after he tells everyone he was there for Biden.

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If someone committed crimes during that tiny little riot, especially assaulting people, then they will be held accountable. But don’t get your hopes up lefties, the US gov is notorious for overreacting and then overcharging people, and those charges are already being laughed at and dismissed by some judges. I know the left doesn’t actually hold the Constitution in any regard, but sorry simps, we still have it for the time being, and that means nearly 90% of those charged don’t even have to worry about jail time, LOLZ.


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Dude get help.
You are mentality unstable emotionally immature
Turn off the TV and internet and go…
Oh forget it…you are just a POS.


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I present this thought here for you.

Do You think that targeting a certain group of people is being civil?

74 million in fact.

Please think about that as in the future there may be members who flag your topics based off of your bias and inability to take a center position.

I for one voted for the Person who could spell BUDGET. As the previous could only execute a continuing resolution.

Does that make me a

How DO You Say It ? MORON ?

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@cosmine Did I miss anything ? Btw, I agree with you. It is unacceptable We are watching

@sia Apologies for the delay

He is no Trump supporter

i think it`s Gay smith! … :grin: :beers: