Another Uncanny Prediction Coming True From The Media

I do not watch media TV except for documentaries and family programming. I have Amazon Prime for shipping so I have access to Amazon programming but there is so much trash there I do not use it much.
A friend told me about a series on Amazon called Philip K. Dicks Electric Dreams. He said to watch season 1 episode 10 called Kill All Others so I did.
I was blown away by this show. It shows a one candidate democracy where there is only one candidate to vote for and you must vote. It shows a crazy evil candidate who has a chant like Obamas but goes “YES US CAN”. It shows how they analyze, monitor, judge and eliminate people in the near future. They have two classes of people there , US and OTHERS. The OTHERS have been determined they must get rid of them. The technology they use for mind control is uncanny…
I tried to find a copy of this but I could not find it on YT. All I could find was trailers. If you have amazon prime or if you find a source on the net look it up.
Philip K. Dicks Electric Dreams, Season 1 Episode 10 called kill all others.

Also it shows where some evil dictator has eliminate boundaries in North America and now there is one MegaNation named MexU.S.Can.


I’ll check it out this evening.