Antarctica reveals another mystery as the ice melts. Is this a half cut Unfinished Obelisk?

I came across this image on Rex Bears Leak Project last week, but I wanted to wait and see what he had to say this week about it as he promised to cover a topic on it.

What you see above is and image that was sent to him with coordinates from a woman who wished to remain anonymous.

One could argue and say that nature doesnt do straight lines but I would say nature pumps out snowflakes and they have straight lines. Any how, I must admit this image does look very peculiar and has an aspect that it was once engineered. There was even a swedish expedition in 1901 that discovered the tip of an Obelisk poking out of the snow. But I never heard of this until I did some research as it’s very rarely spoken of, but it’s there, its documented. Even Rex mentions it.
The ice is melting and the secrets are receding to reveal more truths. The video even shows evidence of towns and no e natural structures. Enjoy the video and let us know your thought.


Right off the bat, he mispronounced Obelisk lol

The object in question does look like a part of a obelisk, i wish he had the measurement program like Mrmbb333 does on his videos,
It would show just how big that is.

As for the mountain

It definitely looks odd at the bottom

Could be a base from what we are looking at.

Cool find @Star_Man

That makes me


Giant pyramid at the top of the world (Alaska) parts of the grand canyon off limits due to rumours of an ancient civilisation similar to the Egyptian golden era. So hey, yeah having something like this in the Antarctic seems realistic enough. I was looking at some map comparisons earlier on real actual content sizes and i came across this…

Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, windiest and brightest of the seven continents. It is roughly the size of the United States and Mexico combined and is almost completely covered by a layer of ice that averages more than one mile in thickness, but is nearly three miles thick in places.

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What am i looking at?

Dummy it down fer me, did you break up the map of Antartica to see it it fit on places of the US?

Cuase i dont like it!!!

Not one bit!

Put :canada: Canada :canada: back Please and Thank You lol

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This is the true size of Antarctica. Most of what we are told about our planet is a mislead of truth.
Who knows what lands lay in the Antarctic, Admiral Byrd spoke of vast lush green land when exploring, and knowing that Antarctica is bigger than we’re led to believe then I’m even more intrigued as to know what’s really out there.
Speaking of Canada, check out this real size map conversion

Some difference in size

See if that obelisk has made in China written on it. :scream:

image image

We’ve got some formations that suggest nature can do whatever she feels like but man that image is interesting…throw the mid in there and grab the keys to the mystery van my friend :beers:



Most things you buy in china now say “made around the corner”

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We ride at dawn beer chairs :rofl: :beers:


If only.
It’s a shame we dont know any remote viewers. Between the American and Russian military, I’m sure they hit the jackpot. I tried it many times in the past but I kept on drawing blanks on all but one occasion. This one time though was like a trans meditative state I was in and it was so clear to me. There was no beer or joints involved either. There was this long metal grid platform kind of a path with rails at each side which ventured way out over the ocean as far as the eye could see. I then saw the end of this platform which was radial and had like a cylindrical dome with 2 open doorways. Inside was a circular wall with 2 door ways. Thus was made from metallic cladding and glass. Through the door way I saw 2 people looking at me as if to say who the hell are you and what are you doing here. There was a circular safety rail around a very deep lift shaft which obviously went deep down into the ocean but was water tight. I remember it looking a bit like a smaller version of the empire strikes back scene where Darth Vader told Luke he’s his farther. Then all of a sudden it was like I was cut off. I’ve never been able to return since. This was not my imagination as it was so clear to me. What the hel was it? All I know is that it was off the coast of Antarctica as that’s where I channeld in.


I’ve heard of people saying they can achieve this, but I can certainly say I’m not one of them lol…I’ve had reoccurring dreams that were real af…one I’m climbing this massive circular stone staircase up to like a medieval castle…it’s always wet and stairs are slippery…I always get about half way up and peer over what’s similar to castle turrets aaaalll the way down to huge waves crashing again the cliffs base…I don’t smoke weed so I can’t blame that lol…I’ve had this particular one a few times and I’m clueless as to its meaning…

They say we’re a species with amnesia, could all this stuff be a flash back to long ago? :beers:

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Have you tried looking it up in any encyclopedia book of dreams, sometimes you can piece together what’s going of in the subconscious mind.

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No I haven’t mate…I probably should, I’ve had two dreams on servers occasions each…they don’t have that I’m winning powerball feeling about them that’s probably why lol :beers:

You may have to google a couple of encyclopedia dream meaning bearing in mind this is someone else’s interpretation but they’re normally pretty accurate.


Cool Visual. Sounds Like a place I’ve seen before.
I could probably draw it …

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Cheers my friend, gonna look into what’s going on upstairs (as in my head :rofl:) I know there’s a monkey playing symbols, but there’s got to be more :beers:

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Did you get the smell of the ocean and wind in the hair kinds deal? It feels like actually real, and I can feel the power in the water…kinda like nazare in Portugal, massive waves below and a :poop: load of slippery stone stairs :beers:

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Or made for such and such a company by the Chinese. Just a little trickery to make folks think it was made by an American corporation.

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