Any theory other than the OFFICIAL SCIENCE VERSION is dangerous - Science as a belief system Propaganda

Any theory other than the OFFICIAL SCIENCE VERSION is dangerous - Science as a belief system Propaganda

More Propaganda proclaiming SCIENCE is the end all.
A hit piece on Critical Thinkers or any Conspiracy theories.
They ridicule anything and anyone they don’t label as scientific fact.Pushed by professional skeptics.

Science = “what is known, knowledge” That is the definition

Their version of science is what they want known.
Their version of knowledge is all they want you to know .

Large amounts of people all theorizing what actually happened in any event is dangerous if the OFFICIAL VERSION is A LIE.

So YES a Conspiracy Theory or just plain old different point of view is dangerous to any lie.

They want you to have faith in science. Just their version of science.
They want you to look to them for answers.

They don’t want you to question their versions.
They don’t want you to HAVE A SECOND OPINION.
They don’t want you to question or think critically about their PROPAGANDIZED VERSION.

They haven’t admitted it yet but this video and the Netflix Movie both mention people becoming vulnerable to Conspiracy theories.
They are infiltrating the public with the thought that DANGEROUS THEORIES will need to be controlled.
It is for your own good.
You are vulnerable.

So this tries to subtly explain why they are going to roll out Laws and restrictions against CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

Laws against hypothesizing about an event.
This is George Orwell 1984 type propaganda.
This is one article used as propaganda right now.

If ANY story can’t stand on it’s own two legs of truth.
At that point EVERYONE should be questioning current events.
When they legalized PROPAGANDA in the USA to be used on USA Citizens that pretty much summarized their intentions towards the the citizens of the USA.
At this point, count on Propaganda being currently utilized.
ACTIVE PROPAGANDA being used in the USA.

And to be completely honest, I don’t trust an atheist completely.
I have NEVER met any man smarter than The Bible.

Usually they deny God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ while they worship Satan.

I would much rather deal with an honest God-fearing Man or Woman.


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Thats quite an insulting post to make considering a high percentage of scientists believe in the bible and God.
Just because you havea very negative opinion of biblical history doesnt mean people and scientists that do are stupid.
Many may be much more intelligent and educated then you for all you know.
You post comes across as rather
arrogant in my humbled opinion
and i believe being arrogant is a sign of insecurity and lack of intelligence im probably not alone in that assesment either.


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Amen brother the bible is timeless eternal wisdom and historical verifiable truth.

Those who do not comprehend this
either have not done the research or dont want to believe anyways.
The bible and Jesus have healed uncountable peoples over centuries of existence this is fact too.

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You have never shown facts but write as if your opinion is fact.
This is text book insanity,.

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Lol that made me laugh.

There are no real scientists left in the ms field, only mathematicians. And sure the math always works out, but when you have an incorrect foundation it’s all for nothing.

Math is the real joke and is extremely dangerous when used to get desired results.

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Mathematics is the only language of is the purest language we have that describes the universe .
Mistakes by men can make it bs, but mathematics itself is unbridled truth.

A description is not an explanation though. Math NEVER ever tells you how or why and does not explain anything whatsoever in the universe I’m afraid.

You can’t explain energy, mass, time, light, fields, magnetism or electricity with numbers. They are just observations.

The other day I was reading an article on a claim of sound carrying mass in water. In the end of the article they said they never observed it happening, but instead use math to prove it. You can bend and twist and use math to prove anything you like.

Quantum is nothing at all, has no basis in reality at all and never will.

Einstein was crackpot and gave us nothing at all. Light has no properties, nor does space. he ruined science. Anyhoo…


I want you to laugh for american amry .

This does not remove the fact mathematics is truth. The purest truth known to man.
Mathematics is the language of the universe, to know it is to know how the universe is.

Can your elaborate on this one for me Rich…

No worries TD. I’ll try and find the language to explain it but I think Ken Wheeler explains it much better.

The universe is pressure modalities in fields, not bumping particles, you cannot explain the universe with atomism because fields are not atoms.

But quantum isn’t a thing, it has no meaning, it’s just a fancy word to keep people in awe of their ridiculous brilliance.

Wheeler has a lot to offer, it goes against the grain, but he is right.

He links to the feynman video too where he attempts to explain gravity and gets it all completely wrong. People worshipped this guy, yet he had no fcking idea what gravity was.

Their understanding of light is completely wrong. Light does not travel from point A to point B, it does not have a speed nor is it a wave, an emission or a particle.

There is thankfully a paradigm shift underway, we are right in the middle of it. They continue to find huge magnetic ‘structures’ in space. The point being is you cannot have magnetism without electric charge, yet they can’t bring themselves to admit that electromagnetism is the dominating force in the universe, even when the facts say it is 10 to the 39 times more powerful than gravity itself… go figure. The MS boys call them magnetic ropes, they’re just birkleland currents, but they have egos and must rename everything we knew over 100 years ago. We now the technology to detect and see all this too.

Tesla was right on light, it is a longitudinal disturbance in the ether. Or as Wheeler puts it, a coaxial circuit.

MS science made things so complicated and I think there’s reasons for this. 1. The wrong foundation, anything built on top of wrong foundations will also be wrong, why they use math to bend and contort things so equations then balance out and they use this as proof of their theories, completely wrong. 2. It’s a business, money talks.

It’s much much simpler than they realise and with that, it means many, or most, would be out of work, money again. grant money and mortgages etc.

It is much simpler. Math is only used to balance out their equations, like an alibi if you will. You can make math give you any result you like. it is dangerous. Math never tells you how or why. I liken this to treatment vs cures. there is not really any money in a cure, but there is a tonne in treating people, keep them coming back to empty their wallets.

Quantum is just a fancy word to keep laymen impressed and confused at the same time. It is nothing at all.


More. These people are crackpots.

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10.06 in the vid posted at the bottom will explain quite succinctly that math and quantum can never explain a field, and given the universe is all fields, they cannot be quantified, because they have no quantity. Math only deals in quantity, ie what you can count. This is why math is as useless at tits on a bull. This is why we aren’t progressing, still using ancient explosion technology for example.

So in the vibe of the original title of this thread, I think this material is fitting. The official science version is a complete and utter joke. Wheeler is right, they are complete idiots.

Yeah scientists are humans, and they have their own little agendas…

While this is true, if the people promoting the “truth” can be corrupted, so can the truth… c`mon brother you been here enough years, you know how often people lie, there is no such thing as “pure science” when corrupt people are involved.

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I will take it a step further. You say you do not trust an atheist completely. I will say I do not trust and atheist at all, at any level.

Good post Mush

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