Anyone see anything weird in N. Texas tonight?

I walked outside tonight around 9pm and did my usual glance at the clear night stars. There was a string or line of lights traveling from NW to SE at a slightly faster pace than I’d expect to see satellites move through the horizon. My first thought was this is a group of starlink satellites. I grabbed my phone to take some pics then quickly called my son to try and get him outside before they passed, which didn’t work out btw.

Once they’d passed I started to digest a little of what I thought it was. First thought was Starlink. The string seemed to be very high altitude. It looked like a pearl necklace moving through the sky with about 20 separate points of illumination that ranged mostly in various shades of blue and purple hues. If you stretch your arm out towards the sky the length it would cover would be between your stretched out thumb and index finger. The more I thought about it, 20 satellites in that tight of a grouping seemed weird and a bit dense. I’ve seen them before and they tend to have a bit more separation.

Next I thought maybe this was a high altitude surveillance plane flying extremely fast, whether that plane be domestic or a foreign intelligence asset. The problem I had with that was it didn’t look that way to the naked eye. There were numerous points of illumination, all in a line, evenly and consistently streaking through the sky.

Don’t think it was a meteorite, I’ve seen many, including “fire balls” that light up the sky with various illuminous points burning up in our atmosphere. It didn’t do that, just a consistent illumination through ~70% of the night sky’s horizon. Didn’t get the impression that it was ET in nature but i guess I can’t really rule that out.

I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff but tend to come to logical, “most likely”, conclusions. This was by far the weirdest thing I’ve seen. Curious if anyone else caught a glimpse of this tonight and your thoughts on what you think it may have been.

The picture below is horrible, however what the naked eye saw was very different from what the camera captured. The picture makes me think high altitude pulse jet recon plane but my eyes say this was something else, possibly in orbit, with illumination caused from reflecting the sun.

My best guess is still Starlink but the picture doesn’t seem to look like that at all.


Whats musk up to?
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This is a typical Starlink pattern, although I’ve never personally seen one this large. Much more distance between satellites and void of color. Admittedly, my picture also doesn’t show color variations. The difference between the naked eye and what was captured are very different. Coolest weird thing I’ve seen yet. Hopefully some else in the general area saw it and can shed some light.

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That’s not starliñk…that’s the smoke from the blunt I

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NO! Uranus is blowing smoke.

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Musk unfortunately has just done another launch.
My guess thats it.


Man, while I’m in Oz the missus and I saw something like your image…but it looked almost like a centipede climbing in the sky…I assumed it was muskies toys but it was still cool af to look at… :beers:


One should be able to track the location of starlink and cross reference the place in question.

Weird can always be found in a mirror.
Though, thanks for sharing, interesting pics.


Interesting find!
I’ve seen the supposedly starlink trails and this looks like something else to me.
Anyway these starlink satellites are not visible for some time now, almost a year in my zone.
The official story is that they paint them with antireflectant so the don’t reflect light.
One question pops up in my head, who tf did paint all the satellites that are already up there?

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That’s 100% a contrail from the Aroura aircraft that does many missions at night. It has a distinct echoing rumble I’ve heard only twice in the UK. Kinda like a constant fast bam-bam-bam-bam




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nice one, it looks a bit like an earthling delivery system containers/satlites, magnetic maybe? … :beers:
Battery Magnet GIF

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Seems like a very decent theory:


Nicely detected. Thanks for the pic-xplanation!

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I wish I had seen it. Usually I am out that time of night. Very interesting catch Sittingbull. I have seen the star link before, but this does not look the same. Beautiful weather for sky watching last night!

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There’s some weird $#!+ going on on this planet, that’s for sure. This certainly can’t be at all helpful to astronomers and they have been complaining about this crap. Just because you can fill the sky with a lot of technological junk doesn’t mean you should.

@Moloch666 That’s about as good an explanation as any at this point. The picture certainly resembles the contrail that something like Aurora would produce. The weird thing is the picture I took wasn’t what was left over from what ever was passing through the sky (like the remnants of a contrail). It was the object itself that was photographed, however, the photo doesn’t resemble what it looked like at all to the naked eye. I also didn’t hear anything. No low rumbles or quick succession pulses or “bams”. Admittedly, I wouldn’t expect to hear anything if it was passing at the altitude that I think it was.

@Skippychippy 's account of what he saw in Oz sounds very similar to what this looked like. I almost initially described this as a luminous stretched out worm or caterpillar. I’ve seen several videos of “snake like” objects in the sky recently but this case there was no side to side turning or lateral movement. Just a straight line progression of about 20 luminous points of light that moved very much like a caterpillar would. The color of lights also varied and changed from blue, purple and white while simultaneously following this caterpillar like locomotion.

Sun Sunset GIF by University of Florida