Apotex, Hydroxychloroquine, FDA, Murder and the UN

There was that Canadian couple from Toronto, Barry Sherman and his wife, who were murdered in 2017. Toronto police have blundered the investigation. It is very suspicious, given that the police were not too interested and have made a series of investigative dead ends for themselves.

Why is this relevant now? Guess what the Sherman’s company Apotex Pharmaceuticals manufactured. The anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine, a treatment for COVID-19.

An article from 2019:

So the FDA was interfering with this company’s drug approvals, concurrent to the timing of the murder of the Shermans. Maybe trying to bankrupt the company, because of Hydroxychloroquine.

Who knows, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they would have had this planned since then, particularly given the revelation from patent expert Dr. David Martin that the virus was patented 20 years ago and this has been planned ever since (video below).

Now, this story from yesterday:

Also, previously on Disclose:


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