Arch Bishop sends apocalyptic letter to Trump about "The Great Reset" coming

Former Apostolic Nuncio to the US, Arch Bishop Vigano’s open letter to President Trump warns of a ‘Great Reset’ plot to destroy humanity.

“It is not surprising that the enemy is angered at being discovered… undisturbed.”

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Archbishop Viganò states the Vatican serves the New World Order


The cliffsnotes version:

In the three-page letter, dated June 7, the archbishop expresses his belief in a number of conspiracy theories, including the existence of a “deep state” opposing Mr. Trump from within the U.S. federal government and a “deep church” comprised of “children of darkness”; a belief that the Covid-19 pandemic response represents “a colossal operation of social engineering”; and the notion that recent anti-racism protests in the United States evoke “the Masonic ideals of those who want to dominate the world by driving God out of the courts, out of schools, out of families, and perhaps even out of churches.”


The guy knows and has very little to lose.
Carlo Maria Viganò has had a very agitated history with the Vatican, bit of a fire-brand, anti-corruption reformist, controversial in his accusations which have been partially verified, and has a family brother who’s a Jesuit and who is at conflict with him.
Apart from a few valid chips on his shoulder, he seems genuine.
He’s now retired and more than likely could give a :poop: about his own survival.
The exposing by an ex-Secretary General of the Vatican City Governatorat, (and writing in support of the Don) of the Davos/CFR/Crown/CCP et al clubs agenda, (tho known as common knowledge by those with their eyes to the ground) is never-the-less dynamic.
I trust his detractors don’t bite off more than they can chew.
Watch this space…


Nice synopsis

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Hold onto your seatbelt folks it’s going to be quite a bumpy ride.
I think many of us who have religious backgrounds, or those of the faithful, see what is coming. It’s all being played out right in front of our eyes. It has already been written.
As I have said before, I have faith in humanity, that we will stand up and fight for what is right. Light shall overcome the darkness. We won’t be able to sit silently much longer. Hope your faith is strong


Btw @MrNice or ought I to call you Howard?
You may have mis-read the date on the top of the letter.
Sunday October 25 2020…
Just saying. Fify
The guys got history and form and won’t back down quietly.


Yeah im not sure who Howard is.
My mistake though. The letter I was just readig about was also from him only 4 months before this one which discussed the exact same thing all over again so the synopsis I C&P’d still applies for those that even care.

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“Dennis Howard Marks (13 August 1945 - 10 April 2016) was a Welsh drug smuggler and author who achieved notoriety as an international cannabis smuggler through high-profile court cases.” (wiki) AKA Mr Nice!


Now you got me interested.
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Gotta be honest, i thought you could be Howard too mate.

Unlike DerwMawr, i was much too polite to mention it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Grow my own but that’s it.


Going to have to break my own rule and watch the news as I’m sure this will be the top topic this evening.

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hahaha #metoo

The book he wrote (Dennis Howard Marks) called Mr Nice is an awesome read…

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This is very interesting and defo an eye opener…thanks for posting, I’d probably never of heard of this! Defo sharing this one :+1:

You know the minorities that are judged and or forgotten? Those labeled horrible losers, lost souls, don’t fit in with normal society, get thrown in the streets, get kidnapped and sold by traffickers, the homeless, disabled, the not so lucky, the poor… They’ve existed throughout every generation and every generation’s “comfortable” justified turning their backs on these minorities and treating them like :poop:.
Now some cushy church dude is ALLEGEDLY acting like a perfect world is crumbling. As if all is going to be lost and it’s the worse thing that could happen. how’s it feel to feel like minorities have felt generation after generation?
So now it’s becoming reality that the majority of the human world in these present and near future generations are possibly going to reap what generations of the comfortable before them have sown IF these agendas are fulfilled.
If successful, imagine being treated like you don’t matter. Because you won’t matter. Don’t beg or plead, don’t expect understanding or empathy, compassion… Don’t expect to GET what generation after generation of lucky humans weren’t willing or able to give to the not so lucky. See how ones ego serves them then.
All hypothetical of course … So far they’ve pulled off quite a bit of :poop: already. But there’s still a chance they’ll fail bringing in a home run.
Either way, the present paradigm will be changed. And so it should be. It’s as stale as dinosaur dung and what a nasty mess humanity has made of it. :wink:

Great Movie it was

guns and fastcars

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FEMA camps were called “wild conspiracy theory stories” in the 1970’s.

Chemtrails were called “wild conspiracy theories” in the 1970’s

Weather manipulation was called “wild conspiracy theories” in the 1970’s

Mind manipulation and brainwashing techniques used by the CIA even TODAY were called “wild conspiracy theories”

after a certain point the more the media tries to get you to disregard something the more you want to understand WHY …BECAUSE IT"S NOT ALL CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

I could definitely see this guy trying to warn the president the question is if he can do somthing about it when there are people in every country in the world in key positions there to make it happen. For goodness sake the Democrats control congress!!!

I don’t know if this letter is real or not considering it would be a serous security leak if someone scanned it and put it on the internet but considering how many times Hillary, Bill, Joe Bidden and God knows who else has got away with sharing classified documents and information it would not surprise me too much.


Amazing is this guy for real?
Im surprised hes still breathing with that kind of talk?
Good to see there are some truly faithful believers left willing to stand up to the nwo
and keep the faith alive by telling the truth
in the face of a monstrous nwo satanic agenda to dehumanise us all.
I know i bang on about satanism all the times however its areal phenomena happening all over the world.
Brave geezer.