Archie Bunker on Gun Control

Let’s Melt Sum

Snow Flakez

This Is Funny As…


Back in the good ol days! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He’s Still Super Funny :rofl:

he’d make a hell of a president !

Libbies Heads Wud Splode😱


ah… the good old days when tv shows were written to be funny and entertaining instead of the garbage they have today on tv and most movies…a series of thinly veiled commercials and political statements stringed together so they can pretend it was “part of the story”.

somebody should start posting this on a tombstone meme to wake people up

Decent Television
How we miss you so,
you died too soon at the
expense of corporate stooges
and delusional losers that were
mentally ill enough to believe in
liberal ideas and politically correct
somehow necessary for ALL life
situations in a world free of
independent thought…


Still As Funny Now…

That was one of my favorite shows… Thank you for the memories… :star_struck:


Carroll O Conner

Was an Incredible Actor

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