Are People Being Played For Fools (?)

We can reveal the Global CEO of Omnicom Group who won the £320 Million Covid19 ad contract is a member of the ‘International Business Council of World Economic Forum’- Klaus Schwab’s Davos organisation!

People are being played for fools!


This very same organisation is also the majority share holder of another UK company. I have forgotten the name it was something like porthouse. This story was reported on on last nights show. The CEO of this company is a one Tim Allen (not that one) who was former adviser to a one war criminal Tony Blair. What other person can we link to both the WEF & Tony Blair?

None other then our fake lord and savoir a one evil Bill Gates!
Its funny just how every deal been made by not o ly the UK government but many others all end in a money trail back to the Bill and Melinda gates foundation! And he can not still understand why he is so hated by the so called conspiracy theorists.

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The predictability of all this is now becoming boring…
We are led by fools who waste our lives.



Ummmm, if you are asking this question now, you are very late to the party.

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Outside if your a covid believer or not…big pharma(healthcare) is big buisness.

Look at all the cancer breakthroughs(stemcell/dna) in the last10/15 years and who made them(all non profit) and what they are doing with it(nothing)…if they cure it,they dont make money.

Solving problems(healthcare or otherwise sigh) dont make a profit(they cost money)…battling symptomes does(healthcare/finance/economy/energymangement/ect).

Wrong consciousness…i guess.



Meanwhile the media and so-called opposition have been pushing some story about who paid for Boris’s flat renovation.

If you can not breath we hook you up to a ventilator. If you can not think we hook you up on internet :rofl:

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Quick answer. Yes…
But this scam could have worked 20 years ago, before enough people had had their eyes opened to ideas, such as false flag tactics, had gained information they never had access to before, from the internet, before the silicon valley giants had done the bait and switch, and google and youtube were not censoring anti establishment, or esoteric info.
It might have worked ten or twenty years in the future, say 2030, when the population had been relentlessly dumbed down and further indocrinated to conforming with ideas, and obeying authourity. That is what the original planned timescale was.
But those at the top of this pyramid, the super elite, got greedy, they didn’t want to wail to be the feudal lords with vassels who knew their place, they wanted it now.
It will not turn out well for them, they rushed, they are making huge mistakes, and they are ckearly very scared of the people, their own personal greed and impatience are their downfall.
This is the perfect time in history for their plan to FAIL. and to fail because they only care about themselves.

Our economic Ponzi began in 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard

Modern economic theory and the Chicago boys economics that got us here are Ponzi scams. This began with Brenton Woods in 1946 and the last nail was driven into this coffin by Nixon in 1971. The system will collapse. The empire has debased currency since Nixon. History shows fiat currency never lasts and this current fiat system is now nearly finished. Hyper inflation is on it’s way. Buckle up. But it really doesn’t matter. Humanity will be lucky to last another 100 years.

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