Are UFOs from earth?

From Jason Mason

It is exciting enough that the US government and its agencies and services are now openly discussing UFOs and relaying information to the press for publication. The agenda behind this may be the scenario of uniting all Americans through the appearance of extraterrestrial beings and resolving disputes. According to former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, the uncensored UFO report also includes additional information on known UFO incidents from around the world such as the Roswell crash.

There is also resistance within the secret services to simply revealing certain classified information, so many observers doubt whether the new report will be very detailed and whether it will really satisfy the curiosity of politicians and the public, or again only in some way It is wisely worded that no final confirmation of the presence of aliens on earth is given. Some American officials have already announced that this report might be released at the end of June or that it might be delayed even longer, but it was finaly released in time.

NASA has now also got into this ongoing discussionswitched on because research into extraterrestrial life in the universe falls within the remit of the American space agency. A senior NASA officer, Administrator Bill Nelson, has announced that the report, which is about to be published, will contain the possibility that aliens are the cause of the unknown flying objects phenomenon! The Pentagon cannot explain at least 120 sightings in the last two decades. US Navy personnel have documented that this is an real unknown phenomenon in form of unknown technology. British UFO researcher Nick Pope also released new information about this new report, saying the findings in the report could confuse and upset the public,because there is no evidence that the unknown flying objects are not extraterrestrial spaceships, although their origin still cannot be officially explained. The detailed secret report was already sent to all those responsible with security clearance on Thursday, June 3, and the abridged report for the public is to be published sometime between June 25 and 29, and new conspiracy theories are already circulating regarding the content of the withheld Material that may contain evidence that the unknown objects in flight came from outside our planet and are being controlled by aliens like the Nordics.The detailed secret report was already sent to all those responsible with security clearance on Thursday, June 3, and the abridged report for the public is to be published sometime between June 25 and 29, and new conspiracy theories are already circulating about the content of the withheld Material that may contain evidence that the unknown objects in flight originate from outside our planet and are being controlled by aliens such as the Nordics.The detailed secret report was already sent to all those responsible with security clearance on Thursday, June 3, and the abridged report for the public is to be published sometime between June 25 and 29, and new conspiracy theories are already circulating about the content of the withheld Material that may contain evidence that the unknown objects in flight originate from outside our planet and are being controlled by aliens such as the Nordics.New conspiracy theories are already circulating regarding the content of the withheld material, which may contain evidence that the unknown objects in flight originate from outside our planet and are being controlled by aliens like the Nordics. New conspiracy theories are already circulating regarding the content of the withheld material, which may contain evidence that the unknown objects in flight came from outside our planet and are being controlled by aliens like the Nordics.

To deal with this issue, a new academic UFO research organization called ICER - International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research - was recently founded ( Gary Heseltine, as vice president of the organization, told the British press that the newly released UFO videos by the US Navy, together with the research of the phenomenon by the Pentagon, are a game changer and finally clear the way for these inexplicable phenomena based on scientific knowledge to explain!

ICER is therefore made up of scientists and academics from 27 countries around the world who all agree that humanity is not the only intelligent species in the cosmos. Using data from more than 75 years of research into the UFO phenomenon, ICER researchers have determined that the UFO phenomenon is real, acts intelligently, and presumably has an extraterrestrial non-human origin! ICER is convinced that all the nations of the world should now prepare for the official confirmation that the earth is visited by non-human intelligences and for this reason special programs must be initiated to make this fact clear to the world population and then steps must be taken working out how to deal with and contact these alien intelligences because this revelation will have global implications. Those responsible at ICER want to take the discussion about extraterrestrial visitors to the highest levels of government, including the United Nations.

Other new findings from ICER suggest that UFOs are often seen emerging from the sea. Therefore it is possible that in the deepest parts of the oceans and in the deep-sea trenches there are bases of extraterrestrial civilizations! Skeptics often dismiss this claim and are of the opinion that aliens cannot hide in our world. Large parts of our planet are still completely unexplored, especially the seabeds of the deep sea, of which perhaps 5 percent have been explored on the surface to this day! In fact, we know more about the surfaces of the Moon and Mars than we do about our oceans!

Currently, less than ten percent of the global ocean is mapped using modern sonar technology and more than eighty percent of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored (source: Therefore, advanced alien visitors could easily hide from us in the oceans and ICER was created specifically to highlight the global impact that the announcement of the existence of non-human intelligences will have on planet Earth.

ICER’s Gary Heseltine also told UK daily The Sun that there are strong links between UFO sightings and the world’s nuclear facilities. The sightings over such facilities since the beginning of the atomic age should possibly convey a message of peace to mankind! Quote Gary Heseltine: “There is a great correlation between UFO sightings near nuclear facilities, regardless of whether they are nuclear aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, nuclear power plants or facilities on which nuclear weapons are stored. That would indicate that they are trying to tell us that they don’t like nuclear weapons and that’s why they show up there. Maybe they realize that with it we could destroy this beautiful planet."

This is currently quite possible, because the geopolitical world situation is worsening and a new Cold War is looming between the USA, China and Russia, with various speakers already warning that a nuclear war could break out in the near future (source: The New Cold War: Russia, China And The United States Are Feverishly Preparing For Nuclear Conflict | End Of The American Dream)! Dr. David Clarke of the UK Department of Defense told The Sun declares that a new Cold War has just begun, which will primarily affect supersonic drones and unmanned military aircraft, which are believed to be controlled with artificial intelligence. All three nations have developed a number of incredible new weapon technologies that appear to have come from science fiction novels. Warfare in the near future will therefore not be decided by fighter pilots in their jets, but by unmanned drones.

Furthermore, there is great concern among the military that extraterrestrial beings are now openly appearing on planet earth with their superior technology and may plan to colonize this planet. That would make them yet another military competitor for supremacy in this world. In addition, there are always new indications that some of the unknown flying objects could actually have a German origin! The American author and journalist Annie Jacobsen published two books in 2011 and 2014about the infamous Area-51 and about Operation Paperclip. She writes that after the end of the war, special forces of the US Army were looking for aerospace engineers in Germany who had worked on the development of flying disks during the war so that they could take them over to the USA along with their secret projects. Annie Jacobsen conducted exclusive interviews with dozens of family members of German Paperclip scientists and former colleagues of theirs, and also gained access to archive documents on the secret post-war life of these researchers and their complex and well-kept government secrets of the 20th century.

According to information from American whistleblowers, flying disks were actually developed in Germany during the war because the engineers received help from extraterrestrial visitors such as the Nordics, who made certain technologies available to the Reich. Some of this technology was evacuated to different parts of the world by a German detachment movement before the end of the war, and other wonder weapons and their designers were adopted by the USA and the Soviet Union. These experts dominated the last Cold War with their inventions and were also responsible for the space programs of both superpowers.According to current knowledge, the original German withdrawal movement still exists in hidden places in our world and is therefore still a problem for the superpowers because this group is said to have very advanced technology, similar to that of the other earthly powers the non-human intelligences, is presumably vastly superior.

Further information states that UFOs have mostly shown completely peaceful behavior in encounters with military forces of different nations, but that they were often shot at by the military without warning and without asking questions, which also resulted in crashes and the salvage of wrecks . The British MOD has documents that reveal that Russia and China have worked together in the past to research the UFO phenomenon and that their fighter pilots tried to intercept the unidentified flying objects, several planes being destroyed and at least four pilots being destroyed in the process killed, and these incidents are once again related to the surveillance of important nuclear facilities by aliens.

Nick Pope then told The Sun that the world public will likely be very disappointed with the new UFO report because they will not learn very much about these secret events. Rather, it fuels the public discussion between UFO believers and UFO skeptics who do not believe that extraterrestrial intelligences visit Earth because no credible evidence is published. Thus, this disclosure of the UFO phenomenon has been going in circles for decades, because for reasons of military secrecy certain data and information and other evidence are not made available to the press or to skeptical scientists.

Skeptics ask why extraterrestrial beings should visit us right now at this time. But UFO inmates have been sending their messages not only to important governments, but also to selected contact persons for many years, so that we can learn about them despite the existing secrecy: extraterrestrial intelligences are currently active here to the destruction of this planet through destructive human behavior and because we have entered a difficult time of great changes long foretold in religious scriptures by prophets and seers. In addition, UFOs did not only appear in the 20th century, but have been active on earth for hundreds or thousands of years. Skeptics cannot imaginethat aliens would really care about our bad behavior, despite the fact that many UFO contactors have stressed time and time again that progressive and spiritual ET entities are basically messengers from God and this claim causes head shakes among atheistic academics! Instead, they claim that these aliens - if they exist - do little to help us with our problems. But that is also not true, for there have been attempts for decades to establish official contacts to warn the powerful governments of the world of the great dangers that await us in the near future.that progressive and spiritual ET entities are basically messengers from God and that claim causes heads to shake among atheistic academics! Instead, they claim that these aliens - if they exist - do little to help us with our problems. But that is also not true, for decades there have been attempts to establish official contacts to warn the powerful governments of the world of the great dangers that await us in the near future.that progressive and spiritual ET entities are basically messengers from God and that claim causes heads to shake among atheistic academics! Instead, they claim that these aliens - if they exist - do little to help us with our problems. But that is also not true, for decades there have been attempts to establish official contacts to warn the world’s powerful governments of the great dangers that await us in the near future.

The new head of NASA, Bill Nelson, also gives the opportunityone that UFOs could be manned by non-human intelligences from the cosmos, who actually observe us here and monitor our warlike behavior. NASA therefore also wants to initiate a new program to research the UFO phenomenon. However, Nelson so far claims that he or NASA has no evidence of the extraterrestrial visitors, although the possibility exists. This contrasts with statements and UFO photographs by the world-famous NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell, James Lovell, Gordon Cooper, Frank Borman, Scott Carpenter or John Glenn, who all made comments about personal UFO sightings. Some NASA whistleblowers have also revealed that every single flight in space has been watched or monitored by unidentified flying objects.Some astronauts like Dr. Edgar Mitchell have also confirmed that extraterrestrial intelligences have contacted Earthly governments and that there is evidence of their past visits in the form of wrecks and dead alien bodies. Therefore, scientists should carefully examine all of these statements and information and no longer stimulate or ignore the UFO phenomenon.

With international coverage of UFOs, public interest in extraterrestrial life forms has grown in popularity recently, and many are now waiting for the new UFO report, although disclosure will continue as planned even after this report is published. Unfortunately, the mainstream media does not report the wealth of information that has been revealed by credible military and government officials over the past few decades; on the contrary, much of it is described as a conspiracy theory, despite the appearance of thousands of important books on the phenomenon and since 2001 several official disclosure conferences with very credible witnesses have taken place.

No UFO witnesses or military whistleblowers are interviewed in the press or in science magazines, but mostly skeptical academics with no UFO expertise whatsoever. The most recent example is an interviewof Futurism with astrophysicist Adam Frank from the University of Rochester, who is not very enthusiastic about the new coverage of UFOs. Frank claims that inferring extraterrestrial life behind these sightings is stupid! He said, “There are excellent reasons to look for extraterrestrial life, but there are also excellent reasons that we shouldn’t conclude from UFO sightings that we found evidence.” Like evidence of extraterrestrial life, according to astrophysicists have to look was unfortunately not addressed. Frank also stated that “aliens might have puzzling reasons to hide from us” but that they are “surprisingly incompetent” because, despite their best efforts to hide from us, theycan be captured and filmed by our military systems.

One possible reason astrophysicists are unable to find evidence of extraterrestrial life is the aforementioned zoo hypothesis by astronomer John A. Ball, which was put forward in the 1970s and states that extraterrestrials found us much earlier than we found them , and they study us like primitive life forms in a zoo here on earth without making direct contact and interfering in our affairs. Adam Frank goes on to say that he awaits the American UFO report with great interest and that the UFO phenomenon should be explored with the best tools of science and with complete transparency. That is why the authorities should startdeliver their evidence and investigative results directly to scientific institutions and make them available to all academics so that interested researchers can obtain full disclosure of related government information.

That is the only reason not performed, because the real problem is not, according to the leading astrophysicists to review the existing and released documents and evidence, but that modern theories about extraterrestrial visitors the ak a ademic scientific endeavors, the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life to discover, could disturb! Then why is there no cooperation between astrophysics, ufology and the military intelligence services to work together on this problem? The answer is that astrophysicists want to find extraterrestrial intelligences in the depths of the galaxy beyond our reach - but not here in the atmosphere of our own planet, writes Adam Frank!

If extraterrestrial intelligences can overcome the vast distances between the galactic star systems, then their technology and their level of science must be thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us, and we would be an extremely backward and primitive civilization for them - and this thought terrifies our scholars who claim that humanity is the crown of creation. Our leading scientists would be terribly incompetent to understand or research advanced alien technology.

For example, various military UFO reports have highlighted and proven that the mysterious UFOs have propulsion methods that refute our valid laws of physics, and that it can currently no longer be ruled out that they are actually extraterrestrial spaceships. That is why astrophysicists and physicists have already emphasized before the new report was publishedthat these findings will not have much of an impact on the world of accepted science because these scholars simply do not want to grapple with the available evidence for extraterrestrial visitors and prefer to stick with the attitude that continued reports of UFO encounters with other arguments explained and can be exposed as false. Yet fewer and fewer people give their faith to these academics and their outdated theories, but eagerly watch the releases of the new information about military UFO sightings after the governments and mass media of the world had pursued an opposite agenda for decades.

The resulting UFO stigmata should not prevent scientists or politicians from finally providing answers to these fundamental UFO questions. The disclosure did not just begin with the publication of a naval video of an unidentified flying object from 2004, but at least since the historic press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC by Dr. Steven Greer in 2001 . On his websiteof the Sirius Disclosure project, many more credible witnesses and whistleblowers have appeared since then and have presented very interesting information about the phenomenon. Why are the mass media and the skeptical scientific establishment not interested in such people and their sensational and credible information?

Dr. Steven Greer believes that the current limited disclosure of UFO information could potentially usher in a false flag alien invasion, before which Project Paperclip scientist and rocket pioneer Dr. Wernher von Braun warned of his death. Dr. Greer has stated that the current disclosure by the US government could develop into a false disclosure, which he himself has been warning against since 1999.

Another global player in the field of UFO research is the Vatican in Rome, because allegedly the astronomers of the Holy See monitor the activities of UFOs with their own facilities , because they could have something to do with the development of earthly world religions. The Pope in Rome decrees accordinglyan in-depth knowledge of extraterrestrials who are here to help humanity because the war of the terrestrial nations could soon spread into space, like the former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell put it. The WikiLeaks platform has revealed that Mitchell wrote to the American politician John Podesta that the Vatican has long since known that aliens exist and want to share their freely available zero-point energy with humanity, with earthly leaders offering these offers under pressure from business leaders have refused to this day with their greed for profit.

The friendly aliens want to help humanity lead a better life and are very concerned about our violent and warlike tendencies. According to this information, they therefore do not tolerate any form of military violence on this planet or in space. Dr. Mitchell is also reported to have stated that this extraterrestrial life that oversees our planet is the “highest form of intelligence that works directly with God“! This statement is food for thought, and so the Vatican is now advocating that there are no boundaries between religion and science, with UFO inmates, according to human contact persons, having long warned that we are approaching a biblical or nuclear apocalypse, and that the The Vatican and the Pope will play a certain role in this process.

As the existence of extraterrestrial life becomes more and more likely, Catholics have declared that they are ready for it, because figures such as non-humans, angels, demons or heavenly gods appear in religious traditions. The Jesuit Guy Consolmagno is the head of the Vatican Observatory and thus the Pope’s astronomer who has openly discussed the existence of aliens on various occasions. He stated that the Catholic intellectual tradition has no problem with imagining intelligent life forms on other planets. On the other hand, secular and atheistic scholars have more problems with it because they see humanity as a product of a “cosmic accident” in the form of the Big Bang in a dead and empty cosmos. Religious people have always believed that we share the earth and the cosmos with other non-human intelligences. It is therefore important that religious authorities also help to make humanity clear that we are in fact not alone in the universe and that the cosmos is the creation of an unimaginable intelligence that we know as God the Creator - and that exist in the house of the Father as is well known, many apartments. It is therefore very likely that countless exoplanets in the cosmos are inhabited by other intelligent and often very human-like forms of life.

It is time for a new theology open to the existence of UFOs and other forms of life, with a dialogue between religion and science. Today, many people are available to the UFO phenomenon still skeptical and consider reports of the existence of such advanced flying objects continue to be science fiction, but less than 150 years, planes and automobiles themselves were still fiction and are since then the reality become .

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Thats all very well and dandy, but who in there right mind would trust a gov worldwide thats been lying for over 70+ years about sightings to us all,
then suddenly conveniently opens up right at this point in time?

I wouldnt even if you paid me large sums of money.[id take the money but still not believe or trust them hehe]

In fact the more the system advocates and representatives proclaim these unidentified aerial phenomena are supposed aliens from outer space the less inclined i am to believe any word from any of there mouths even the apparent or so called independent rersearchers they all have agendas and scripts they are following right now for reasons like creating a one world governing system to rule with totalitarian authoritarian dictatorship styled oppressive conduct and manner.

It is ironic that the stories people report from these so called space aliens keeps changing per example one minute they are from andromeda the next mars then saturn then pluto then the pleadies and other lies they seem to tell people i think simply deceiving them into what they want to hear, never truth,
because they come from the 3rd heaven or from the pits of hell in fact deep underground, the abyss,
like all mythology describes since time began,
they are the faery folk the tall blondes are akin to the shining ones the gnomes trolls grey neighbours pixies ogres the gods [plural] like kali shiva ganesh and other hybrid creatures the dwarfs all these folk lore creatures that are recorded right throughout history are nephilim serpent hybrid human animal and were known to travel via portels or dolmens as they are called the stone circles we see all over the planet [dolmen means portal btw]
evidence of hi technology in pyramids and many other stone structures right across almost all continents and there is a continous pattern here of mischief theft of children theft of people in the middle of the night abduction faery tales that all fit perfectly with what was traditionally known as demonic encounter and posession well how ironic and unusual there are so many similarities to ancient folklore in
descriptions physical of flying craft of portals of hybrid creatures of giants wizardy ]technology] and much more and suddenly we have flying machines again buzzing round us we have lies being told by these beings as to where they really come from and what they are doing and we have peoples disappearing missing time being abducted mutilated animals peoples taken against there wills and to me it all fits with the original sources that state clearly these beings are in opposition to humanity have only done us trickery deception and harm and are back again up to there old games and fooling us again now too by pretending to be from outer space aliens lol when the old
ancients knew what they were and told us
through folklore myhtology and also warned us too because these beings are highly deceptive and do not have any love for humanity this is what my own personal study and years of research and personal experience has concluded.

You are welcome to trust your gov the sci fi books movies and other propaganda but im trusting the ancients myself and my own experience they are all demonic in nature and to be avoided at all costs they are not from the pleaidies or andromeda or whatever lies they tell,
otherwise there will be a price to pay one way or another for trusting & believing these demons of old i say with respect.

This is how i see this phenomena, thanks for listening you decide yourself but please do as much research as possible before trusting anyone over anything thats my advice for what its worth.
I hope we al find real honest truth one day,
but i would not ever expect it to come from any kind
of gov source thats just very naieve and foolish this is how i see it.


Why couldnt they come from anywhere and everywhere?

I believe in God, but still have a hard time with some of the writings in the bible and question them, but not throwing away the idea behind them.

Not here to change mindsets

But one has to consider there is bad and good out there,
that we can agree on

But wether it reaches out into the comos?
Time will tell

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Of course it does.

Does chaos and order not flow throughout the known universe?

Galaxies being sucked into black holes n such chaos…
Under the gravitational order of psychics…

And you’re gonna sit there and tell me that a mama sasquatch isn’t gonna be crossing a river fleeing for the safety of the woods with her young? :slight_smile:

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Nope, cause they aint being chased by a ufo lol


No but even worse…

Human Kayakers with cell phones.

I mean look what Justin smeja did….

Humans are more of a threat than the alien ets are…

They wanna do a Sunday fly by while humans wanna do a Sunday drive by…

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It is over 6 light years to the nearest star group. Round trip would take 12 years at the speed of light. We could not have been located until we started radio transmissions. I would bet the farm against space aliens.


If they thought like humans, yes it would.

Kinda human problem of ego and thinking they would travel around AS WE WOULD. What about more advanced knowledge of everything? Or an IQ race developed and evolved with COMPLETELY different physics than what humans experience here. Different gravities…different approaches…different ideas…hence “aliens”

Perhaps we are still the naked ape here. Thinking we hot shit but we are an underdeveloped intelligence still in evolution?

Could be we are quite limited by our level of knowledge and understanding.

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I am using science and logic, not WHAT IF speculation.
The fastest a human has ever traveled is 25,000 miles per hours. That would take several tens of thousands of years. To the nearest star group. To go to another galaxy would take millions of years at light speed. So, only the Milky Way is available. And we have received 0 transmissions, well maybe 1 (which could be sufficient, but it is dubious).

Human science and logic which imo is limited

Yes. I see no proof of most of the speculation, like worm holes, parallel universes, time travel, and more. I am open to it and actually watch for it. Just between us, what is your best explanation for avoiding or exceeding light speed?

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Yes, UFOs are from Earth. All of them

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I truly don’t know my friend.

My limitations are your limitations.

At least we in that boat together eh? :slight_smile:

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I have not read any of your post – but I will!!

I’m merely reacting to the headline alone …

In Which Case – Maybe!

And if it IS Inner Earth Phenomena or Entities … What Then?

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No they are not from earth. There is a big chance that humans have our own, too.

Do not trust the government disclosure. They have been lying and will continue to.
I think that there are good and bad e.t.'s
I read somewhere once that their karmic values prevent them from directly contacting/influencing us, otherwise they would own us and our resources.

But what do i know? I know its lunch time! Woo!

Exactly. They are not from earth, at least the real ones and not the reverse engineering ones from earth. If you could tell someone from 8000 years ago that he could travel in the sky and fast, they won’t believe you. If you tell the same to the old west people they won’t believe you neither and now days quantum technologies are changing everything, if you say that we could travel to another place like Alfa Centauri, almost everyone would say "that’s impossible:, as we can not achieve that speed neither could live that long to do it. So as long as we continue to think like this, things that look impossible for us humans, would look like it will never happen. But there is a lot of hidden technology out there that would tell the tale.

that would be 70 000 years at light speed.

I heard that when the gravity engines are used on an interplanetary craft, g-force from acceleration is negated, allowing the thing to reach incredible velocities very quickly. This is how they can zigzag so fast and take off faster than a bullet.

Time is relative. From our perspective on earth, a 70,000 light year journey would take at least 70,000 years. But if you are in the craft traveling, time will essentially move slower for you relative to people moving at a slower velocity, so it is theoreretic that it wouldnt feel near 70000 years to the traveler (if you are actually traveling at near light-speed)

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