Armored UN Vehicles Seen In Toronto Canada

Several armored UN trucks seen hiding behind a pharmaceutical building in Toronto Canada, some speculation they may be ready to enter USA or play some role in Canada?


i think most people are ready to snap some necks so i say let them try to force the vax on us.

"the armored vehicles are parked at a company that builds and maintains armored vehicles, which are not part of a military operation in Canada."


I wondered recently if the covid vaccine and the chaos from the election blm antifa and all of that and especially the defund the police agenda being pushed mainly by democratics was some of the reasons the nwo elitists were concocting to get the u.n peace keepers onto American soil like the agenda 21-2030 or i cant remember but some conspiracy floating around some years ago made the claim that the u.n would be brought into the states to police and or restore order in the future,

anyone remember this conspiratorial concept floating around not so long ago i politely wonder my friends?

If so then just maybe even though RRR has graciously and wisely done a fact check,

it could still happen for the reasons i stated above,
this i do wonder hey friends??

What do all you think people?


Nicely done RRR.

This is the flag outside the building.

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Yeah I do remember this on old versions of dtv. All of N.A. would have UN as newly appointed enforcement.

The US and Canada would use military if things went that fucked up
UN have no balls when it comes to enforcing
Peacekeepers in blue helmuts is all they is

Was a great idea at its concept, but thats it

The Dems are always trying to get the UN involved in our country, they try to do this as a way to subvert our constitution and to push their NWO agenda.

Notice in the following article it says the following:

“The treaty officially aims to prevent rebels and terrorist groups from getting hold of guns.”

What are the Dems calling groups in America that that oppose the vax and the stolen election? Domestic terrorists so this fits their narrative.

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We have in building in Kentucky at land between lakes it’s protected biosphere we snuck behind building like 10. Years ago they were building. Big prison there but no amored vehicles unless there at that facality now in the woods behind u n building