Ash, Dust, Red skies, Masks?

Short vid, informative.

Is this the precusor?
The sickness is real,
The world still not convinced viral,

Could this be a possible source of it all.
Im in Texas, And can attest to whats is mentioned inbthe vid.

Could cvd be a cvr for a different sickness?
Ive experieenced the dust sickness from arizona.

Its spooky how similar these are.
Could Some of this dust be responsable?

If so, why cvr it?
Unless its known to get worse.

Could one of the reasons for the multi nation reinfocement, stockpiling, and drills be in preparation?

Ive had this one up before, thought it would be appropriate to companion with it.

:sparkles:May wana tag your notifications on this one.

Theres been requests about more info on some of these subjects.

And will be adding more info.



This is older info.
We all know Atlas broke up.
But now we get to enjoy the debris…

Most of us forgot???

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Lol :joy:
As if… ?
Apologies for cynical scepticism, tho considering the WTV utube page is a front for over-priced gimic ware and the producer/narrator degenerated to predictable “end-of-times biblical prophecy bs”, you may be able to take my point.
The article "earth chronicles " you posted in addition may have had certain value, although speculative and again it was mared by a commercial reference to an alleged removed movie, and was dated April 2020.
Moar fearfkry.
Would of thought if Cyanide was a problem in ppm we would of noticed by now.
The problem we have at the moment is that due to the increase in observational tech, more stuff is noticed. That’s not to say it hasn’t always been like this, we haven’t noticed and still survived.

No offence @Star_Scrier

None taken
Theres more coming.

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This is article goes more in depth
to the potential effects of the “Dust” of comets.

These particles that drift “harmlessly” in to the atmosphere.
Something that many are not considering with the outbreaks.


This article conveys how particulate germs, mold spores, and bacteria travels even in the highest parts of the atmosphere.

Cosmic Alchemy. The Ancient genes in us are activating, and bringing the life support systems back online. Uriels’ Machine…
Not anyone’s fault but ourselves if we can’t maintain a state of healthy. Stop eating crap foods. This is why magic was banned from Camelot. This is why merlin went into hiding, this is why magic practices in secret… the average person with magic in their blood, untrained, runs a very real risk of abusing their gifts. Now we see why the need to vaccinate is so urgent… can’t have DNA awakening in us. No no no… that would be terrible for the world. Can’t have another Jesus manifest!

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Interesting read. The many documented grid-pattern flight paths reminded me of the reported drones doing the same in the US a while ago. They were also unexplained and ownership was unknown ( sounds like government work ). Cant remember where exactly…Looked it up, It was rural colorado and nebraska and the fbi investigated along with a couple other organizations. Flying in “grid-like patterns”.

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Thanks, this is an ongoing dump of what Ive been finding with many things.

The grid flights were intrigueing…:face_with_monocle:

Would like to see more info like that one.

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Havent seen those.
Awsome toss.

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alchemy texts from the 1600-1800 have a lot of strange occult imagery going on. Philosphers stone research should guide you to a lot of these images.


On the record multiple disease strains highly likely originated from off world.

Stay tuned… theres more. :eyes:

This May Not Be The Exact
Right Thread…

But Every Thing
IS Connected…So

The Whole Maybe
Could Have Been
Our Sun…Waayyy Back

The Whole Saturnalia
Satan Worship Thing

Lucifer WAS The
LIGHT Bearer Angel

Lucifer / Satan

SATURN Went Dark

Then We Got

The SUN…Son


I was wonderin when you would find this thread.:face_with_monocle:

Yes, Im thinking the same.
Saturn is the missing piece connecting the majority of the dots.

The original solar system.
Collided with another, causing much of our mythological past, and mysterious destruction.

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Another part of the puzzle?

On That Day

We ALL Shall Know


Makes me think of the “Nuclear” clock…
2 mins till midnight???

More Like

Two Seconds…

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