Ashley Biden’s Diary Reveals Inappropriate Showers with Dad, Possible Molestation, Media Silent

Ashley Biden’s Diary Reveals Inappropriate Showers with Dad, Possible Molestation, Media Silent - American Liberty ReportCapture.JPG98u7y6


Yes but where is this diary and the audio is not reported
Who has the proven sources? Unfortunately it is not clear.
There is a quotation mark but there are no references to the evidence.
The article written in this way is not reliable.
Let’s wait…

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Don`t worry…its the new (AB)normal…


Oh… my, what???

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This is how must Republicans prove their points. With generalizing, storytelling, wishful thinking and 0 evidence.

We certainly await more solid confirmation of this investigation.
But if we talk about something else …

0 evidence? Ohoh, there is no worse blindness than those who do not want to see … Pass the ball man, we have to go to touchdown here …


With all these pedos getting arrested left and right I won’t be surprised at all!

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Please no! Did he actually “sniff” someone while they were playing the yazz flute? Did this happen at band camp? That’s all the jokes I got for now.

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Sounds like You’re protecting the Son of Satan!

And wait for what? My God… Discernment of this hypocrites racist way of life is disgusting and nothing acceptable… He’s up there with the Catholic priest and Boy Scouts leaders!

He’s guilty of so many things that a Pathological liar who’s obviously is stricken with his comeuppance is God’s Wrath!

This Government of ours is a Nasty Swamp and the Sword of the Lord is draining it!


Funny that national file released this info back in october and it hasnt been covered by any right wing news outlets


What is with the right using fake news sites? It is so funny that the right cries fake news while using sites that are highly unreliable filled with fake news. Try using legit sources, instead of fake sites.

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Wait why are you talking about Trump in a thread about Biden?

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They don’t care about facts the op cites national file but not one person bothered to look into it. Some people here should have realized that shroom posted about this like 3 months ago but they see something that fits the narrative and that’s good enough

Just keep rounding up all the pedos in Washington. Maybe, Joe will be next!

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I’m all for Pedophiles being locked up so long as there is proof

The left just doesn’t push fake news, they push doctored fake news! It’s already fake why bother doctoring it. COME ON MAN!

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Yeah, legit proof not made up like multiple confessions!

Not sure how that fits into this thread