Ask the experts II

Ask the Experts II provides a platform to some of the world’s most outspoken and heavily censored medical professionals to express their views on the validity of the global pandemic, the safety & efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, masks and the other precautionary measures that have been so readily integrated into our everyday lives.

Enjoy - its pretty interesting to hear an alternative medical opinion an all this Covid Vaccine madness!!


Nobody care to comment? WOW ! We deserve the condition we all are, then. Thanks for sharing.

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MOST EXCELLENT POST.:raised_hands:
Watched to the end.
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This is what needs to be on the
world/ national news night after night til numbskulls get it…sorry but sad but true. Great post


Problem is MSM is bought and paid for.

I don’t personally use Facebook…but would be interested to see if they would pull it.

Can’t have all these professionals warning people now can we.


settle grettle its a mighty fine post up, but the clips over an hour and some of us are just on our smoko break :joy: besides there’s hardly much more to add on this, we are being stitched up for sure, when are you marching on parliament pitchfork at the ready? I’ll be right behind ya… :roll_eyes:


I would like you to know I’m Facebook free…people say your weird to me but I’m facebook…free…I know they will pull it…mrfacebook himself is a person who portrays as a friend of the useless eaters (us)but he 100% not.

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The truth is irrefutable…


“VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1%* of vaccine injuries.”


It seems that some Doctors, well at least one so far in Israel, have had their medical licenses removed for speaking out against the mainstream narrative…I think these guys are brave, putting their careers at risk for wanting to show the world, that there is an alternative narrative to the one we’re all being fed

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I just worry that most people are too weak!
We’ve been conditioned…for decades.

Many of us…are still awake(using rational thinking)…many are too brainwashed.

The MSM pumps out its bullshit everyday…and the sheep hear what on skynews,CNN,BBC…etc etc
If not a friend probably told them.

Most people believe what the majority accept.

There’s certain people in this world that understood this a longtime ago.

First 2 I can say is George Carlin and Bill Hicks.
There’s hundreds more.



I am so glad some of us are still awake… its reassuring… I’m trying to teach young and old about being awoken…it too is a hard thing to do. But 1day itll pay off.i know it will…

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