Astonishing Baby Elongated Skull On The Coast Of Peru

In this video we’re looking at a newborn to 3 month old elongated skull from the Paracas culture…the skull is huge and once again the reddish hair is visible

Interesting to note the location where the spinal chord sat…

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Man peru is full of fascinating stuff! These weird mysterious remains are mind blowing. Not only are the skulls way bigger than normal human skulls but they don’t appear to be the result of head binding either! This infant wasn’t alive long enough for traditional head binding to really work … the red hair that is still attached to alot of the heads is definitely strange since the only other people’s that share this trait originate in europe… another strange thing is that the scientific community isn’t really interested in studying these remains.i wonder why?.:thinking: I wonder if there has been any updates on the dna testing forrester is doing ? Awesome post skip! :beers:


Cheers bro…it’s got everything huh…apparently of the three independent tests two were inconclusive…I believe they British and Canadian labs that carried these out…again I believe on the mothers side DNA came back as Native American, so anything out of the ordinary would come from dad…

As you said this one wasn’t alive long enough to board the head…there was another one recently where they think the bub was still in mums belly an it had the same shape as this one…in no expert, but I wouldn’t think a genetic defect like this would affect one race?..and then we have the different satures if that’s the right word, that shows whether it’s natural or the result of boarding…

My missus is stinging to get over to the US…if I play my cards right I might be able to snag a week in the south lol… :beers:

That does appear to be the smoking gun of hybridization in my opinion. To be born with those anomalies would make it more passed down through the DNA. I would love to see more DNA testing on these specimens, as it would go a long way to explaining why the worlds humans, in antiquity, were obsessed with altering their skulls in such a drastic and dangerous way. In my opinion, they would have been copying something that they looked up too and admired…it goes with so many myth stories from around the world. Thanks for posting :beers:


I wouldn’t be surprised if the testing hasn’t been done and an answer found…it’s amazing how common “inconclusive” occurs…I call BS, that just don’t like the answer…

Totally agree with the reasons for doing it…imitation is the highest form of flattery :beers:

Ya beat me to it Skippy lol This is an awesome find. It looks so weird, with the big eyes, little nose and tiny mouth. I imagine that is what a baby Grey might look like, without the red hair lol! Would be good if they got to DNA test it. Love Brian’s work, would love to do one of his many tours!


Lol sorry bro…I don’t why it’s up to an amateur, not my words, to carry out this stuff, and why aren’t more lining up to check it out?..I’d give my left nut to able to do what Brien is doing…

I think there’s more to this than meets the eye, hence why it doesn’t get the coverage it should… :beers:

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For sure buddy, getting to see first hand the places and all the fascinating stuff he has seen would be very special. I think however, it’d just leave you with even more questions than answers, but I’d not mind that at all…love to get the old mind juices flowing over stuff like this…our ancient history is much more interesting than we’re led to believe it is

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It probably would mate lol…but walking through places that are thousands of years old would be so cool…

Don’t get me wrong, I want answers, just not yet, I’ll need another hobby lined up first :beers:

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To many coincidences now…it is a deliberate cover up from the truth. And you are right to ask why is it unfunded non academical people pushing for the truth…I found it amazing as well, when Brian said that many people have these kind of artifacts in their household :astonished: :beers:

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I Doubt They Aren’t Being Studied

Knowledge Not For Us Plebes

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I Agree…

Where They Are With DNA Sequencing

And Every Thing Genetic…

In ConClusive is BS…

And What Happened

Seems This Just Stopped Occurring…

That’s Even Weirder To Me…

Sorry It’s Early

I Meant The Elongation Stopped

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Of Course…Doesnt Fit
The Approved LIE

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Crazy hey, it’s not a store bought Halloween job lol…Brien is obviously intelligent and has spent years studying all the ancient stuff,…I think it’s a bit of a slap int face for him being called an amateur… :beers:

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Hence the inconclusive results all the time :beers:

Lol all good…that’s the thing, surely there’s answers to be found here…I wouldn’t imagine I’d investigate and go meh on to something else…I’m thinking the funding gets stopped if the results come out :beers:

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All the while ridiculing the “alternative thinkers” :beers:

Infants skulls are extremely soft for quite a few years.
Neglected infants left in their cribs wind up with deformed skulls. Then the very same deformation can be slowly worked out to a normal shaped skull again to reverse the problem.

Good post skippy.

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