Aussie Open crowds boo vaccine rollout


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AINT it proof the media is PUSHING mandated vaccine across AUS

this is the same media company that just got trillions of $ FUNDING FROM GOOGLE

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news whores…

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Go on the Aussies haha…wish my compatriots were as decent, very few with their eyes open in my neck unfortunately.
Love the dissent :clap: :clap:


Well, I totally agree my friend
Having seen something like this make me wish to restart my life in Australia.
I love it, keep on it.

【Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!】

Fck ya Aussies! Tell it as it is!

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“That was un-Australian”
Na it wasn’t, that’s what many of Brits love about Australians, their say it as it is attitude.

Translated “that’s not very slave like”

People are starting to wake up to this shit, the same thing went down at the super bowl didn’t it when sniff wanted a moments silence for his voters, I mean deceased ‘convid victims’ :joy:


I’m Australian and I would’ve done the same thing… hahah