Australian Maternity Nurse Examines An Enigmatic Mummy In The Highlands Of Peru


Some very interesting views and facts on this Peruvian corpse. Was it an advanced race that matures earlier than modern day man? A mixed race maybe with both traits of its parents? Take a look and make your own conclusion.

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At the beginning of the video when he is close to the jaw it doesn’t look like it fits the upper part of skull. I could be wrong because it was quick shot then he zoomed out! Also could be an infant with a type of dwarfism? Maybe? What do you think?

Arms and chest seem to be too big for an infant.

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Nothing adds up huh…the head is as big as the torso…the back and presumably only teeth etc etc…and also when it confuses someone who knows what they’re talking about it’s not straight forward… :beers:

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Sorry bro, i didn’t realise this was a double up on yours…@Lukas can someone please delete my thread? Cheers :beers:

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Aghhhhhhhh!!! I saw same post with Skips…never mind, I will quote myself…
"Saw this a while back and it just keeps confirming the obvious fact that there is something other than Homo Sapiens Sapiens in this admixture of people. I still think it is shocking that most professionals will not say anything on record. And more obvious still ,is that there was at least 1 (but probably more) past global civilisations. "

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It All Seems Off…

A Giant Dwarf
Dwarf Giant?? Mayhaps…

Another Branch All Together…??

No need mate, all is sweet! Our video shares on our topics are different and so are the skull discoveries on each.

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Mixed race maybe? Yes it is very odd how experts wont say much about these finds. They’d visit these finds to inspect and then you wont hear from them again. Probably paid off or bunker off. If we keep pushing for it then one day we will know ourselves for sure.

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Could this race still be here on earh? Antarctica? Hollow earth? Mars even?
I think some evidence of this race has been hiding in plain sight all along.

skulls-9 Akhenaten-and-Family1
Were these people from the Mittani Kingdom in Syria?

We all know that the majority wearing these fancy head sets weren’t just worn for decoration. I recon some of them had elongated skulls

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I Would Have To Agree…

Did They InBreed Away?


Inner Earth…idk

They could of been left behind or chose to stay. Moved from From Antarctica to to the middle east then onto Peru, before retreating back to Antartica or the mouth of middle earth. They seemed to be nomadic in origin. Great effort has been made in history to erase what was left of them.

Inner Earth is How I Lean…

I saw a trailer for Iron Sky II where the Nazi travels a passage to middle earth to meet Hitler. A bit far fetched I know but the visual concept of the scene gives you a feel that there could be some truth it somewhere.

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I Haven’t Seen That Before…

But Yeah…

Prolly a Grain…

the elongated skull skeletons have been found all over the world the egyptian “crown” or “leader’s hat” theory proposed by star man has been one thing I have suspected the first time I saw them.

Even the leadership of Asia with some of the most elaberate crowns worn by their queens and kings did not go out of their way to “enclose” the head as much as the Egyptians did with their “crowns”.


Sweet mate.good to hear…when I saved an edit it said, I’ve used this title before…I’m thinking wtf no I haven’t lol…then I thought I must of Double posted somehow lol…Ive given myself an uppercut and away we go again lol…it’s amazing how this is confusing the pros of their professions though…

It’s funny the missus and I went the other way…we took our elongated skull kid and rounded his skull…he’s coming up to two next month and his fontanelle is still open a little bit…and it’s amazing how quickly we hit his skull shape back to normal…just how we slept him…we had to wedge him on one side when he slept…and the difference was obvious over days…it doesn’t take long :beers:

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Wonderful news :innocent::innocent::innocent:

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Hasn’t slowed the little wrecking ball down any lol :beers: