Austrian Town Changes Name it has had Since 11th Century


Epic … :rofl:

Hahaha excellent !


My Father was born in Austria and lived there until he was 16. He always tells me the sign for Fucking gets stolen quite often lol.


wahhh .its all your americans fault .hahahaw. ej i didnt fkn knew about the other ones . great . :joy: oh dear

Wedding is a problem? Its also in berlin existend

I remeber a friend telling years ago that there was once a lane somewhere in outskirts of London called Fuck Lane, it’s long gone now.

lets go to F… hahahaa

No more forking arround?

No forking Cars?
No forking people?
No forking horses ?

It’s sad day

They changed the name to “HEAD”

nice one you forgot the other one fucking cunt.

“Nof… (No fun).” :pleading_face:

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