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I found this site earlier whilst reading a thread about flat earth. It has all the flat earth theories in there and the debunking of them. Use the menu to change the category. I hope you all enjoy my first thread


There’s currently a flat earth thread that your post would add nicely to. Here’s a link if you haven’t seen it yet.


I’ll post this here also.

World record skydive from ~128K ft. Ask him if the earth is flat.

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Personally. Its not the THEORY that’s bothersome as the reasoning for the theory

We all Know how math and science has affected both logic and reason for millennia.

Fat earthers tend to bleed into a theory that some benevolent source God made this fish bowl for us to live in. Which for me (a believer in intelligent creation) cant seem to wrap my head around from any angle.

I dont dismiss the other methods of science that have led modern physics to a creative source whether simulation, creation etc etc to a head.

Its the simple fact that flat earthers also have an agenda that leads to a typical end, an absolute worldview or understanding,

I simply cannot submit that I am capable of being intelligent enough to understand the mind of such a source, either flat earth or otherwise , nor do I find it respectful to submit that I am of the level to.

Seems disrespectful at best.

isnt there solace in saying I trust but don’t understand/need to know how or why?

Just do our reps and be the best Humans we can to each other and go from there…

Demanding youre right certainly hasnt/wont prove what we cant or are incapable of comprehending any sooner…

Lost time on these topics when they lead to fighting amongst the good of humanity only take away from the human experience.

Thats my take anyhow


@rkobilan had a lot of doubts and questions on the other thread, this website can easily explain all of them.

Rk have a look and use your common sense :wink:

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I did post in there Sarge and RK suggested I start this thread so other members could see the website, thanks for suggesting it though :+1:

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It was @rkobilan that suggested I start this thread so other members could find the site :grin:


Good om him then cuz i would have missed it otherwise. :+1: good stuff ty.


You are most welcome my friend :+1:

I guess i havent read the newest messages on the other thread, never mind then, everything on track :+1:


It sure is, thanks for taking the time and taking a look

And no one asked why he didnt burn up reentering earths atmosphere?

No issue of burning up. He jumped from the stratosphere with an initial velocity of almost zero. The shuttle would start entering our atmosphere at about 18,000 mph and have many layers to go through, starting 6,200 miles up before ever reaching a lower level like the stratosphere. The entry speed and numerous high layers of atmosphere are the cause for the shuttle to scorch.

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Makes sense.

or why he didnt land in the pacific ocean since the earth is spinning underneath him? Apparently he landed not far from where he launched.

The same reason if you jumped into the air on a train traveling at 100 mph, you would land in the same spot.

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oh i see, so a sniper has to account for the earths spin for a bullet travelling at insane distances for a fraction of a second but this guy at the edge of space doesn’t?