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Only depending on the direction the shot is made and that’s due to the Coriolis affect. Seriously, jump real high on a trampoline and see if it moves from under your feet. You’re moving at the same speed of the earth while you’re in the air which is why you land back on the trampoline instead of the rocks. Here’s some info from snipers -

The Earth’s rotation
According to accounts from the Canadian Armed Forces, the recent record-breaking shot hit its target 10 seconds after the trigger was pulled. Meanwhile, the Earth kept spinning. Accounting for the planet’s rotation depends on the direction of the target. If it’s easterly, the bullet will land higher than the shooter aimed. If the target is westerly, the bullet will shoot low. If you shoot straight north or south, where the axes of the Earth are, there will be no effect at all.”


It’s a little complicated, @SittingBull explains it well in his answer.

If you use the link it is explained in there, the sniper shot is explained in the military section in menu

Here in this section, scroll down to the sniper part

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