Babies found

could be. could be

Sooner or later God’s going to hunt you down

not at all, its what all the grommets use these days

he did not he said she was hot or some shit like that

that time back in 97 or something right?

I don’t even want to go back and try to find and listen to whatever it was he said. GOD is the ultimate judge.

That’s why I mentioned, he did and said some things that I agreed with politically. But, he’s also did many things I do not agree with. Such as peddling and pushing the vaccine, most recently.

We all make mistakes and say and do things that we regret or are just wrong. But, overall, I simply do not trust either one of them. I believe every single president we’ve had since at least JFK was selected by the order. (JFK likely was selected, but it appears he had a last minute change of heart) I could very well be wrong, but that’s what I believe.

I believe Trump played a role to get maximum division within the country and the world over as swiftly as possible.

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and Trump :ok_hand:

More like…from 85 to late 90’s, pretty good friends.

what would you know fellatio, I reckon you’ve never had a friend in your life :rofl:

I def know way more than you on that matter as i lived from 92 to 08 in NYC and worked in the fashion industry (his industry at the time)

I know its hard for you to grasp the idea that people actually travel the world and live in different continents in their lives.

Your only window to the world is the screen you are looking at…enjoy it.

ermagerd what a condescending windbag you really think your something special cos you lived in new york a few years :joy: your a turd… a real POS :rofl:

yea that doesn’t surprise me, not one bit…

As i said…potato field is calling, time to hurry.

Oh trust me you would have loved it to work at your young age with the hottest women in the world…i know i did.

yea I can just imagine you sniffing them all like your dad :roll_eyes:

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To tell you the truth, they were sniffing me.

yea your fart breath you creeper

Well this is disturbing

You’re a creepy pervert, you sound like a pedophile, could explain your defending of Epstein’s and Biden’s behavior. You’re a sick individual.


There are groups of people out there that work exclusively deprograming children that are victims of satanic ritual abuse,
it really does go on although its kept very secret obviously.

As for Biden being a pedo i rekon most are in that league clinton & many others too hes def not the only one.

These children that are rescued describe in detail the satanic rituals they encounter or are subjected too thats how people that try to help them know it’s real.

Theres no way children could be describing ancient rituals such a sthe victims very often do.

Although the BFN article may or may not be verifiable,
personally i have no doubt whatsoever it goes on in this world,

especially in the higher echelons of elite society, it happens in cult followings too,
theres way too many examples of kids coming forwards over the years to expose them,
it’s happened to many high profile people.


If liking hot models makes me a sick pervert then im a sick pervert…and proud to be.

Lighter the object with water it will be easier dislodged & come up to surface.
Was why the mafia used concrete/chained anchors around corpses before throwing them overboard.

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