Bankrupt Biden: US inflation hits a 13-year peak of 5.4%

US consumer price growth continued to accelerate in June, hitting the highest level since August 2008, and coming above analysts’ estimates, largely driven by rising energy prices and low base effects from last year.

The headline consumer price index (CPI) figure jumped to 5.4% year-on-year, exceeding the 5% peak in May and topping analysts’ expectations of 4.9%, according to the data released by US Bureau of Labour Statistics. The core inflation rate, which excludes food and energy prices, spiked to 4.5% – the highest reading since November 1991 – and exceeding the estimate of 4%.

The increase in CPI was largely driven by rising energy prices, which grew 24.5% in June from a year ago, down from a 28.5% increase in May. The upward pressure came from a 45% spike in petrol prices, and is due to low base effects from the impacts of the pandemic on the economy last year.

'Hooray, Biden killed the pipeline!" ----braindead liberal

I just paid 20 bucks for 6 frickin gallons of gas. Way over 3 frickin dollers a gallon. i believe it was like 3.23 or 3.28 or some shitz. Thats nuts…and it is still going to go up.

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And it’s no over till it’s over! There’s plenty more coming our way. Embrace the suck!


Yeah but they say 81 million Americans voted for this.


Didn’t they forecast it will rise up and up and up and up?

Imagine gas, $6.50 a gallon.



$4.79 a Gallon



we pay $1.36 a liter, wait it goes up to get sympathy from me lol

Its about time you guys started paying what most of the world does lol
(Said with sarcasm and a weeee bit of sympathy lol)

The plan is to fail economic in favour of made in China… soon all will talk mandarin

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Denver $4.09 today.

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Inflation rates have risen drastically all over the world including China, they were expected to rise when people started getting back to work and the economy stated recovering. I’ve said it before but the federal and state governments only control taxes on gas and dont set the price itself, have the tax rates on gas risen?

Has nothing to do with incompetence, pipelines, or environmental ideologues right? Nothing to do with Covid hysteria, media manipulation, or various Resets on the verbal and written record? You’re state approved messages offer nothing. The current economic situation is anything but normal.

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we pay around 7 bucks a gallon here and that’s for the cheaper gas.
you guys get it cheap, believe it or not.
fuel prices are a have.
i wouldn’t be surprised to see a new war created to keep the prices up.
every time it looks like things might normalise, something happens.
i think it will just keep rising for you guys.
slowly but surely.
fuel prices started to go nuts after the gulf war and then really took off post 2001.


what is it like 3 liters to a gallon or somewhere around there? so yeah you are paying up the azz also.

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hahahahaha…yeah right!

A segull farted flying north, gas prices went up 10 cents the next day,
Im telling you all, there is a Conspiracy here!!!:rage:

it all started going up as soon as the dems started taking power…green new deal…ftw with that big green thang!!!

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When was that?
I remember it slowing going stupid back in 95 ish?

Why cant anyone say that Biden hasnt done shit for this Country or help it?

So you’re of the opinion a week long pipeline shutdown 2 month ago and the construction of a pipeline being stopped are responsible? Do you think opec changed their plans because of those events?
January 2021, the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) closed at $47.47 and July 16 its 71.45

So youre of the opinion Biden shutting down our pipeline while helping putin open his are not related?