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Interesting that comments on that thread are disabled.

I for one would like to say you can start receiving my patronage again once the trolls are dealt with. You know the ones i’m talking about. Case in point, what happened to @Star_Scrier and @anon37351533 after being followed to another site and HACKED, started here. You want our money?! My money?! Then do something to ensure our online safety and security! That should be your absolute number one priority, numero freakin uno! There’s more i could add but it really just amounts to thumping on my chest like a big ol’ alpha gorilla does. I’ll let my wallet do the talking and i suggest anyone else that this subject matters to do the same. Ignore us and you could very well see your core become someone elses core. I hope the constitutionalist sleepyjoes pay well. That is all, have a nice day and enjoy the coffee :unamused:



Is there a post about what happened to them? I did not see this story in the comments!!
If so and anyone can post a link, that would be much appreciated.

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Beat me to it!



TY For This Post

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@Lukas A.K.A. Lukas Magnuson would be a good one to ask to get his shillings worth in this.
Theres was only about twenty something employees, not even that now I dont think.
But what with Kathleen on top :wink: Id say that 5,000,000 annually cant be bad.
But Mark Harrison will have all the facts and figures for that.




I stopped supporting because people were threatening to share members personal information online and nothing ever happened to them even though it’s against the community standards. If you are going to have rules enforce them for everyone equally. I can definitely think of a certain member who has broken every single rule and NOTHING ever happens to them.


I don’t believe that LM is here anymore, i believe he hit the road at the end of dvt numBer two, i have said this quite a few times ova the yrs and ive never been challenged
■■■. …3R

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Who is the director of the CIA…or Mossad?

Cohan, but what you getting at, went ova my head Dan.
■■■ 3R

You are wondering who is running this site now. That seems to fit the way things are handled where trolls and sock puppets are allowed free reign regardless of the rules. You have a troll breaking in private servers and trying to doxx people and NOTHING being done…Seems maybe there is more happening than chat here. sometime.

How can anyone here expect anyone at admin to provide security outside of this forum?

I understand the hub bub.

But they can only do stuff here, in this forum

They cant or wont track em down outside these walls.

And for what happens here,

I cant answer any questions to the security here either.

Ah Cheers Dan, I agree, if it wasn’t for the members here that I truly love, I wouldn’t be here.
I cannot believe that i still cannot sign off with ■■■.

If stuff here was handled better it most likely wouldn’t progress to other places.

Yeah you cannot put your handle there but you could have 25 accounts and troll your life away and go on other sites and hack private servers. AS long as you argued for a liberal and anti -God theme you would be good. They would be greenlighting you all the way to hell, But OMG those horrible initials or a signature are going to destroy the site. Funny how the site losing all credibility due to the Canadian shorty and the London Loser due to so many names its ridiculous is harm free…

I do not have to read the whole book to know the title and its evident Rob…
Peace my friend.

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Precisely …

What a load of bollocks in this thread:

a) There is no know vulnerability, nobody got “hacked” or whatsoever

b) Sock puppets exists on all forums and platforms and without very privacy invasive technologies you can’t track those down.

c) If you don’t like to be part of this community, you’re free to go. Please let me know via DM, and I delete your account.

So @anon37351533 and @Star_Scrier are liars?


Yes he did hack the server on Discord and the evidence is there on the server as well as the names of the others he invited to come into a private server. and NO Star man and Scrier are not liars because I have saw the evidence. I have also saw people admit they have sock puppet accounts on here and laugh at people about it. …