Been gone a while...and my profile does not exist anymore

Hi Lucas. What happened to this place man? And whats up with my missing profile? I used the same e-mail address and my user name was Bladefreak. Had some posts and comments too. Please advise.


Hello, the site has been upgraded to the newer 4.0 version, so everything from previous version was wiped and we all had to star over. By the way you posted this in the public forum, it may be better to reach Lukkas using the private messaging system for further inquiries. On the main page click on “+ New Topic” in the top right, then click the “+” symbol next to the words “Create a new topic” and click “New Message” then under the “Add a user” field, type @ followed by Lukas (no space in between).

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Thanx. As i mentioned…been absent for an extended period of time. Much appreciated!

Thank you.

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Heya Bladeđź—ˇ

How To See More
Of You Here

hope dear , hope , blessings to you

It has all been announced on the former website for almost 2 months. We had to lay off almost all of our developers because of COVID and the impact it had on our little company, thus we had to find a working solution for DTV going forward. This is it.

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Freakn Auto Fill…Sigh

@otomon Are you the previous Ottomatic or am I mixing you up?

Stand corrected.

This platform is version v 5.0 entirely new platform
What you left was v 4.0 old platform

@Blade I understand your frustration. Think of four versions of content creation and not being able to migrate your stuff until the previous version DTV 4.0. That is thank to @Lukas & Team.
I too slowed my posting and visitation however, if your old login data was up to date, then you received an invite and missed it or are in the process of getting and invite to Join DTV with veteran status and privileges from your v 4.0 account. Lukas had a previous post that stated something 600/4000 invites had gone out. I presume they are still being sent out.

@rkobilan no bro I am the original otomon from back in 1.0… I heard there was a few users that joined when I was AFK with the -oto prefix but they aint me.

I had to make sure before my fingers override my ass and talk the wrong crap to the wrong person. If Ottomatic I want to F with him some. It had been a long time since we’ve chatted.

Long Time Brother ! Good to see you made it.

@rkobilan ah yeah that guy got me into alot of trouble, would message people and they were all hostile for some reason…turns out some people thought we were the same person x _ x

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